Sunday, October 17, 2021



Hey there.  Good to have you stopping today.  Let's take a look at what happened this past week.

I finished the left side of my Roe cardigan.  I didn't take a photo because it looks just like the right side, only without buttonholes.  Now I am onto sleeve island.

They are being done at the same time.  This way, I don't have to count rows.  I completed the cuffs and have increased the stitches so all I need to do now is knit until the sleeves are the length I want.  There is still a good chance the sweater will be ready to sew together before the end of this month.

The second sock also got quite a bit of love this week.

 I am a smidge over half way done on the foot.  This should be completed in the next week or two. The blue stripe is were I was last week.  I work on this in the mornings while doing my prayers and Bible study.  Totally mindless knitting. 

The Giant Granny Square blanket saw quite a bit of love this week also.

Six more rows were added to it this past week.  It is now 36" square.  That is about half the size I want it to become.  We had a cold snap this week, so this was welcomed to sit on my lap while I worked on it.  Unfortunately, we are back into the 90's so it is in time out again until the next cold snap.  I also wove all the ends in on this.............Well, there are 2 rows of ends left to do but they don't take long at all.

We have had a house guest since last Wednesday.

Meet Celeste.  She belongs to our daughter and son in law.  They went on a much needed vacation and we offered to take care of this little sweetie.  She was found wandering the streets of our city about 5 years ago.  They decided to take her in, only to find out she is a pure bred Shih Tzu.  She is small but mighty.  Enrique tried to intimidate her the first day she was here and she stood her ground and gave him a taste of his own medicine.  He needed that!  It is not like she has not been to our house before, either.  She comes to visit now and again but seldom gets to have sleep overs.  She is scheduled to go home either Monday night or Tuesday morning.  Depends on when her owners get back to town.

The rest of our week was typical.....laundry, cleaning, cooking etc.  Nothing new or exciting happening here.

Today is Football Sunday which means I will get to spend lots of time working on my projects while hubby is enthralled watching the TV.  This is also the time I listen to my podcasts and read my Ebooks.  

Anything fun happening where you are?

Until Next Time.........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Totally agree on knitting sleeves at the same time. I hate trying to be consistent about decrease rows. Much easier to just do them at the same time. Love those bright neon colors of your socks. Your giant granny square blanket looks great. I can't imagine making something so large!

  2. I usually knit arms two at a time as well, but my current sleeves have a cable pattern on and the decreases match the cable I’m doing them one at a time and it is so now I’m thinking maybe all my jumpers need cable stripes on the arms 😂 Your house guest looks a real cutie. My mother in law is looking after our dog next weekend as we are away for a few days. I hope she does as good a job as you do for your grandpups.

  3. how wonderful you volunteered to baby sit! I love to be on sleeve island :) :)

  4. Great idea to knit the sleeves at the same time. I'll have to remember that. I just love that Roe cardigan. You are so diligent and get so much done. I wish I had dogs to babysit....she is so cute! That's so funny how she faced down with Enrique....they are so funny. Both my teams lost this weekend! The Iowa Hawkeyes were 6-0 but no more and the Bear's lost too. Hopefully next week will be better. Have a great week and I hope it cools down for you. It's gone into the 30's here at night but not freezing yet.

  5. Oh my goodness Celeste has stolen my heart. What a cutey! I finally got off sleeve island (now I am on foot island as I have just turned the heel on my socks.) I am also avoiding some duplicate stitch I need to do on my beatrix potter creatures. I think that is why I just want to cast on more socks to procrastinate. I love the stripey socks - so fun!

  6. All the seaming involved in sweaters ... that's why I prefer to knit mine top-down in the round. I still have to count rows, though. And what a lovely granddog you have!

  7. I am loving the progress of your socks as I love the yarn! And Roe is coming along fabulously, I fully expect to see it soon.


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