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Sunday, October 10, 2021



AHHHH.  I am writing this to you from............................

my front porch.  It is almost chilly outside.  Actually, for us folks that live here year round, it IS chilly outside.  It is 57F outside.  Quite a change from our 110F a month ago.

But that is not why you are here.....................let's talk about knitting and other fun stuff.

I finished the right side of my Roe Cardigan.

Once that was done I had to start on the left side.

This is my little knitting station in our family room.  

I have 15 more rows and then I get to start the stockinette part of this side.  I am shocked how quickly this is knitting up.  I still have hopes of having this completed by the end of this month.  It would have been nice to have it for this morning while I am sitting outside on the porch, in the shade.

I have another FO.

The first RCR sock for me is done.  Not to suffer from second sock syndrome, I immediately cast on the second sock.

The heel is completed and now on to the never ending foot.

The giant granny square blanket is waiting patiently for me to get the sweater done.  

I did receive a treasure this week.  You can see it in the photo of the left side of my cardigan.  Here is a better photo of it.

My yarn spinner.  I am in love with it.  It makes it so much easier to knit an crochet.  I am not constantly pulling on my yarn to get it to flow smoothly.  This spins as the yarn is needed.  It is whisper quiet too.  Most spinners either have ball bearings or just wood on wood.  This spins on 2 CD discs.  How ingenious is that.  I got it off of Etsy.  Here is the business card:

They are located in Missouri.  They were in contact with me from the moment I purchased the item until it was delivered.  There was also a personal handmade thankyou note in the shipping box.  They got a 5 star review from me.

Yesterday, our Handyman was here.  This time he got the wall in our backroom texturized and ready for us to paint.  He also fixed our french doors in that room as they never hung quite level and there was a huge gap in the bottom of the doors where bugs and lizards kept coming in.  The two new exterior doors he installed were caulked too.  There are just some minor things he has left to do now.  He will come back next month to finish that up.  He is also going to install our new vanities in our bathroom when those come in.  This man is amazing.

Hubby and I are finally getting back into our normal routine.  This past week was pretty busy for hubby.  He was on the phone quite a bit with family and care givers of his mom.  She was put on Hospice this past week and getting all the details worked out took quite a bit of time.  It was done more as a precautionary measure than the fact she is at end of life. Although, she has slowed down considerably over the past 3 months.  She does not seem to have any interest in anything anymore and just basically sits in her room unless someone comes to visit her or takes her to an activity.  Hubby also made all the arrangements with the funeral home there.  He wants everything in place so nothing needs to be done when that time comes.  Emotions would be very high then and that is not the time to try and take care of everything.  We found this out when my mom passed.  She gifted us with having everything done, paid for and written down.  I will forever be grateful for her doing that.

Today is Football Sunday.  Hubby will be glued to the TV and I will be glued to my sweater as well as making a loaf of sourdough bread and making our jalapeno poppers for lunch and pork chops for dinner.  It will be a peaceful day for us.

Until Next Time..............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm so glad you like your yarn spinner. I've been using one for almost two years and love it. I'm currently using 2 for my striped sweater. Wow, I think it's colder where you are than here in Ohio. The lows have only been in the 60s.

  2. Wasn’t it awesome this morning! I sat outside too and enjoyed my knitting. I’m so excited that it’s getting cooler. What a lovely view from your front porch. Awesome yarn spinner, you’ll love it. So sorry to hear about your mother-n-law. It’s hard. Big hugs and enjoy your day .

  3. Wasn’t it awesome this morning! I sat outside too and enjoyed my knitting. I’m so excited that it’s getting cooler. What a lovely view from your front porch. Awesome yarn spinner, you’ll love it. So sorry to hear about your mother-n-law. It’s hard. Big hugs and enjoy your day .

  4. 57F is great walking weather, but even I'd think that was chilly for sittin'. :) My favorite temp for opening the windows to sleep to, though! That is a beautiful yarn spinner. And your Roe is really growing!

  5. It sounds like a good time to be nearing the end of your cardigan, it looks lovely. I’ve never come across a yarn spinner before, what a interesting idea. My yarn is usually rolling around the floor picking up rabbit hay and fluff, I need to look into one of these! I’m sorry to hear about your MIL, it’s a tough time.

  6. I do hope that the weather cools off a bit here, I loved that cold front that came through last week or so. Lovely sock and you are making steady progress on the knitting.

  7. The weather sounds lovely to me, I really enjoy the cooling down before it gets downright cold.

    Lovely project as usual, that sweater is looking good and you're really busting through it.

    So sorry to hear about your MIL but I like the approach you and your hubby are taking.

  8. Your yarn spinner looks (and sounds) amazing. So nice to have a stellar experience with a business. Enjoy the football - I assume you knit during the games?

  9. Your Roe cardigan is so pretty! 57 F??? It's warmer here although I know it won't last long which is fine with me....I like 60's best for working outside. Glad you were able to sit outside though. Those socks are the cutest in that yarn. Your yarn spinner looks wonderful. I may have to get one of those but not sure Miss Peeps would leave it alone! LOL! The Iowa Hawkeyes won again on Saturday...they're 6-0 for now and the Bears won yesterday against the LV Raiders. It was a good weekend!

  10. Your cardigan will be perfect for this time of year, hopefully you can get it done soon! I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  11. It has been getting chillier here as well - yay! Your Roe cardigan is fabulous and I want yarn just like your sock yarn!


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