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Sunday, April 25, 2021



Once again I am saying 'hello' from the state of Texas.  I am only here a couple of more days and then I head back home.  It is so hard to leave to leave my family here.  Yet, I miss my family back in Arizona a whole bunch.  I will say, being away from home I seemed to have had more time to pick up my knitting needles and work on my projects.

Case in point:

Hubby's socks are completed.  This is a horrible photo but it was late last night and all I had was my phone to take the photo.  Trust me, these are even brighter in 'real life'.  I really enjoyed doing the contrasting toes and heels and am looking forward to doing that again.  The yarn is called Margaritaville from Brazen Stitchery on Etsy.  When I ordered this last year, it came paired with the contrasting yarn so that was super easy for me.

Now that those are finished, I can spend the next couple of days working on my shawl I brought with me.  Hopefully, I will get quite a few rows put on it between my down time here and on my 2.5 hour flight back home.

I have also been working in the kitchen while here.  I had a request to make my fudge while here.  I have never made fudge outside of the Christmas season.  It turned out excellent and is being enjoyed by the grand kids.

Then I decided to treat the whole family to one of their favorite desserts.

I made cheesecake in the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker.  It is so easy to do.  The recipe says it is New York Cheesecake and it does not lie.  I made two of these as I know they will not last long.

Other than that, the daughter in law is healing nicely.  She and I take a nice little walk around the neighborhood each morning.  By lunch time she is pretty well spent.  After she rests for a few hours, she is back up and around in the evening until bedtime.  I see improvement each day with her.  I am taking her to her post op appointment tomorrow morning.  That will tell us what restrictions will be lifted.

My hope is to take a few photos today and tomorrow of the lush green area they live in.  The neighbors are all so friendly and warm.  I even got to pet a labradoodle yesterday, who just happened to be walking by the house with her owner.  Last night I pet the neighbor's chicken.  And I don't even like feathered creatures.

That about covers it.  Time for me to go and wake up the DIL so she can take her meds and start functioning for the day.

Until Next Time........................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those socks are fantastic. Thanks for sharing the yarn dyer. I love when they include contrast yarn. Glad you got to enjoy time with your Texas family and that your DIL is recovering well.

  2. The socks are amazing - hubby will love those! I'm glad your dil is having more good days now.

  3. lovely socks!! I'm glad your DIL is continuing to heal and progress. How nice to be with them and visit and help out.

  4. I adore those socks! What surgery did your DIL have? I hope the post op goes well. Aren't you just the best grandma to make fudge and cheesecake! I'll be checking out Brazen Stitchery for sure. Have a safe flight home!

  5. I'm so happy you are having a good visit, and that your DIL is healing up well. Getting to make recipes outside their "normal" season makes it extra special. I remember my Grandma doing little special things like that, and those memories I will treasure always.
    Love those socks too! They are so cheery; I've also joined team contrasting toes and heels this year!

  6. Glad that your time in Texas has gone well and you've enjoyed helping out while your DIL heals. Those socks are amazing. And girl, that's kind of cruel to rave about that cheesecake and not share the recipe (or where we can find it). lol Have a safe trip home, friend!

  7. I've only made non-cook cheesecake (with Jelly (jello)) in it, amazing what you manage to rustle up in that Ninja! I wish I had a mother in law who would make deliciousness!


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