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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April Blessings

April is one of my favorite months.  All the flowers are in full bloom and the trees are leafing out just beautifully.  Normally our temps would only be in the 80's but this year they are already in the high 90's.  We kind of missed spring here LOL.  Maybe that will mean our pool will heat up quicker this year.  Our mornings are still in the 50's which is quite nice and perfect to be outside to enjoy the crisp morning air.

This is also the month where I have a niece and several nephews with birthdays.  It was also the month of my Dad's birthday.  He would have been 100 this year.  It is hard to believe he has been gone for 45 years.  It also the month my mom and dad got married as well as my mom and stepdad's wedding too.  It is also the month we took my mom back home to her final resting place which was a trip filled with lovely memories.

This month will be the first time I have taken any kind of extended trip in two years.  Yes, I have traveled away from home but only for about 2-3 days.  This time it will be for 2 weeks.  I am looking forward to the trip even though there will be lots of work to be done while I am taking care of my DIL.  It will be so nice to see my Grand kids again and if I get lucky, I might get to see my Great Grand too.  

The one thing I was hoping for, before I left, was to have the guttering fixed.  Remember how I told you the guttering on the back of my house got blown off?  Well here is a photo of it.

It really got twisted in the 'fall'.  I really shouldn't complain.  This was installed almost 25 years ago by Sears.  You remember Sears, don't you?  Back then, they nailed the guttering into the wood fascia.  Well, the wood fascia had some issues too, so we are in need of getting parts of that replaced.  So, today, the roofers are coming to repair the fascia.  Once that is completed, we will need to paint the new fascia before the guttering company comes to put up the new gutters.  Fingers crossed this can all get completed before I leave next Tuesday.  Well, probably not the new guttering, but everything else.  In fact, the roofers are here now.

On Monday, I met up with one of my long time friends for lunch.  It was so nice to get caught up on each other's lives.  She makes me laugh with all of her stories.  I was so fortunate for this meet up as she has quite a few books she wants to get rid of.  Since I was quite low on actual books, I told her I would love to have a few to read.

Here are the books she gave me.  She also informed me there were about 50 more when I was finished with these.  I have read the synopsis of each of these books and they all sound like excellent books.  The one I am reading now, "The Hope Chest" is quite good, even if it is a little sad.  From what she told me, she and her sisters formed their own 'book club'.  So each month they pick a book to read and then get together over the internet and discuss it.  Doesn't that sound like fun? 

While the roofers are here, I am going to make a few masks for my trip.  Even though the mask mandate in TX has been lifted and I have been vaccinated, I am still not going to go into public places without a mask on.  I prefer my double fabric cloth masks to the paper disposable ones.  So today I will make a few new ones as my others are starting to show their wear from the past 18 months.  Cotton material only stands up to so many washings LOL.

Tonight is trivia night.  Our daughter said she is going to come down and join us tonight.  I am glad too.  You see, last night I made baked Ziti in my Ninja foodi.  I followed the recipe exactly as written.  Well, after hubby and I ate our helping I still had enough left over for another 6 servings.  Tonight, I am sending some of that home with our daughter so she and her hubby can have it tomorrow night for dinner.  Note to self, next time, cut the recipe in half!

Time for me to get busy so I can take the afternoon and work on some of my knitting or cross stitch.

Until next time..........................................................


  1. Those books do look good! Good luck with your gutters. I need to make some masks or buy some as I am still using my N95 and another one I got from BCBS. When do you leave for your trip?
    Very few wear masks here but I still do. I heard today that the "variant" Covod virus is the most numerous in the states right now. It's so nice you got to have lunch with a friend. Take care and enjoy your afternoon!

  2. I am with you on the masks. I have been fully vaccinated too, but I will be using masks when in group settings outside my home and will continue with social distancing as much as possible until we start to hear that we are closing in on “herd” immunity” and until I hear just how long this shot protects me. Conservative actions in this regard harms no one - and it may help protect me. We really should play it safe until science understands this virus better. It definitely is not "just a flu” - when getting it and surviving it can leave you with continuing health problems.

  3. I totally agree with you on masks and social distancing even though some states are unwisely (in my opinion) not listening to the scientists and health experts. Hope you get things done you want done before you trip, so you can enjoy your trip more. I've been wearing 2 cloth masks until I found paper ones called Air Queen, they are KN95's. I have a really small head and face and nothing really fits me well; therefore the foggy of the glasses is a huge problem. But, these fit better than any I've tried. Even with that though, I still have to tie the ear elastics a bit to make it smaller. Also agree with everything REtired Knitter says above. Enjoy your new books!

  4. I bet it will feel weird to be away for 2 weeks after all this stay at home stuff. I hope you have a good safe visit. WE still have to wear masks in public here regardless of whether or not we are vaccinated.

  5. Yay for free books. I hope the fixing of your rain gutter went smoothly. I sometimes want to make new masks, the 3-D kind. I may have to take a visit to Joann's. I haven't been there for over a year.


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