Sunday, April 11, 2021

Week 41

 Another week has passed.  Amazing how that keeps happening.  I did get a fair amount of crafting done this week.

I did my first contrasting heel.  This time, I decided to do the FLK heel instead of my eye of partridge heel flap with gusseted heel.  I forgot how simple this is to do.  Hopefully it will fit hubby as well as the other heel.  He has complained in the past that socks with this heel are hard to get on.  

With sock 1 having the heel completed, I picked up sock 2 and got to work on it.  I was hoping to have the heel completed on this one before I boarded my plane on Tuesday.  There is still a possibility of that happening.  I only need another 56 rows completed in 2 days.  That is 28 rows each day.  Very possible.

I also did a little knitting on my shawl.

Can you see where my stitch count got off in the very beginning of the lace rows?  Since that part will be on my neck area, I decided not to tink back to fix it.  Once the entire shawl is completed, I doubt that one row will even be noticeable.  This pattern is so nice to knit.  Once you get the rhythm of the lace, it goes pretty smoothly.  It should be perfect to wear here, in those places that think it is great to run their A/C at sub zero temperatures all year round.

I made 6 face masks this week.  Four for me and 2 for Josie.  The new masks will be going with me to Texas.  Even though they no longer have a mask mandate, I still feel better wearing a mask when going into group settings like the grocery store.  Besides, all airports and airlines are requiring masks to be worn at all times.

And that, my friends, is all I did on crafting this week.  My cross stitch was not touched at all.  Well, I take that back.  I put it away so my dogs would not bother it while I was gone.

I did something that is not normal for me.

I have started to make a real effort to wear dresses to Mass.  I normally wear slacks and a blouse.  My daughter gave me a couple of her dresses that she did not wear and I tried them on.  They are quite comfy.  So, yesterday, I put one on to wear to Mass and was very comfortable  the whole time.  In fact, we went to our BFF's house after mass and then to dinner and never did I regret having a dress on.  I do own several dresses so will start to wear them also.  Do you see Enrique sniffing my dress?  Watch the video below.

My BFF owns 2 dogs and is fostering a third dog.  I loved on all the dogs when we were over there and Enrique is trying to figure out why I have so many dog smells on me.  Luna gave me one sniff and walked away.  As long as I feed her and love her she could care less that I was with another animal.

Today I will be finishing up the laundry and getting clothes organized for the trip.  Their weather there is about 20-30 degrees cooler than here so will be taking my 'winter' clothes with me.  My project bag is packed and ready to go, other than the sock I am working on.

I love this bag.  It is from "Crafting my chaos".  It was purchased last year when my fiber fest got cancelled.  They were supposed to be one of the vendors at the fiber fest.  So, when I did my fiber fest shopping this was one of my treasures I got.  I have both socks as well as my shawl and all needed yarn, patterns and tools in this bag and still have plenty of room for more.  It is the only project bag I have ever purchased as I normally make mine.  The Mardi Gras pattern is what grabbed me.

Isn't it amazing that the first thing I make sure is ready to go is my knitting projects?  Do you other crafters do that too?

Until Next Time..................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I always make sure I have enough knittingbwith me to keep me occupied whilst away! I love the socks and agree the row in the shawl will be unnoticeable once on.

  2. I always pack knitting and reading first for any trip. Aren't those the important things?
    I love wearing dresses any time of the year. They are so cool in hot weather. And I love wearing leggings under skirts in the winter.
    Fun video!

  3. If I had somewhere I was going to be going for anything length of time, I'd be sure to pack some knitting or crocheting. Your Mardi Gras bag is beautiful! And I love those colorful socks. There was a time when dresses felt just as comfortable as a pair of jeans to me. I've gotten out of the habit, but seeing that cute dress on you makes me wonder if I could pull it off again after years of no one seeing me in a dress or skirt. Yours looks comfy and cute!

  4. Yes, my knitting is the first thing I pack!! Your tote is super cute. Agree the shawl is gorgeous. It will be a delight to wear. I love contrast toes and heels. Enjoy your "dresses for mass".

  5. I love all the masks on your project bag. Seems appropriate for the times. I too will keep wearing masks when in stores until the daily count is zero. I get my first vaccine on Tuesday, but then have to wait four months for the second as that is the protocol our province is using. I am hoping it will be shorter as we get more vaccines delivered, but that is the plan for now. I love your dress - I haven't worn a dress for almost two years! Well, except for summer dresses, but they are more like beach coverups.

  6. That's a lovely cheery project bag. I so rarely wear a dress I think I donated the ones I had. I always think I look pregnant in a dress with my Pooh bear tummy so stick to trousers. Even to weddings I tend to wear suits although I just donated those too thinking most people I know are now married.

  7. Love the sock and the color of the heel is great! The dress is adorable. I was thinking of sewing some skirts for the summer. I couldn't se the mistake on the shawl so I think you're good to go! What a stunning project bag. I don't go very often but I would definitely pack my project bag first! LOL! Have a good trip!

  8. Nice dress and it looks great on you. I don’t even own a dress! It has been so long since I have been in a dress, I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable no matter how great it looked on me. In fact, my son got married in 2012 and I knew I had to wear a dress and I was pretty anxious about it. I finally settled on a top and skirt that looked very fancy but the skirt was actually a pants design and you couldn’t tell they were pants. :-) :-)

  9. Hi Marsha :)) You look cute in your dress, and the video of Enrique is even cuter! My dogs do that too, "where did this smell come from?" LOL...Your sock and shawl both look amazing! And seriously...I cannot believe there is no mask mandate ANYWHERE.

  10. when I ever get back to going to Mass (avoiding due to the covid) I will try to dress up like you, sounds like fun! Your projects look so lovely!

  11. What a great week! I've never tried that heel, it looks similar to a short-row heel. I think I will add that technique to my list of things to try!
    I recall someone saying that even though STATES don't have mask mandates, many BUSINESSES still do. Bringing extra masks is quite prudent! I actually enjoy wearing a mask, now that its pollen season it helps a little with my seasonal allergies. Double bonus!

    Your dress is very nice! I go through phases. I wore a lot of skirts and dresses before kids. Now with kids, I stick to pants usually. Chasing down a kid is much easier with pants and sneakers.

  12. Cute dress; you look adorbs. I guess I do make sure my knitting is ready for travel which doesn't happen often.


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