Sunday, April 18, 2021



Hello from Texas.  I arrived here on Tuesday and will be here for a another 10 days.  DIL's surgery went well and we are now working on the hardest part............healing.  Each day I can see an improvement in her.  It is very encouraging.  Hopefully, by the time I leave, she will be feeling more like herself.  She will still be in her C-collar so neck/head movement will be limited but, I think she will feel like being up and about more.

Anyway, you didn't come here to hear about all of that.  How about we talk knitting?

  Both heels are now completed.  I am loving the contrasting heels and look forward to doing toes too.  These are pretty much all I have worked on since leaving home.  I do have my shawl knitting with me but it is so hard to drop in a middle of a lace row when needed for nursing duties.  

That's it for knitting this week.  Otherwise, it has been 'nursing' duties, doing dishes, being the teen's chauffer and helping with dogs.  I am enjoying every minute of it too.

When you look out your rear view mirror and see this:

You know you are in Texas.  Yes, I saw this yesterday while driving home from WalMart.  Made me laugh so hard, I almost missed my turn.

Until Next Time.........................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those socks are too cute and I also love the color you chose for contrast toes and heels. Gotta love Texas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your socks are fabulous. I'm glad you are having a good time and that your dil is healing nicely.

  3. What kind of surgery did she have? Ouch! That is so wonderful you can be there for her and their family. Those socks were cute before but I love the contrasting heels! I have not done those and I need to. The longhorn made me laugh too! I wouldn't want to bump into that car! Enjoy your family!

  4. I am so glad she is healing and that you are there to help out. What a blessing!!

  5. The car picture made me smile. You are right! TEXAS.

  6. oh my goodness that hood ornament yells Texas alright. Glad your DL is on the mend. It must be nice to be able to visit once again.

  7. Oh my goodness that car! That's something else for sure. I'm glad you are enjoying your visit and nursing duties. :)

  8. Fun socks. The contrast heel really goes with the colorway.

  9. That's quite a hood ornament! LOL


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