Sunday, March 14, 2021



It is still dark outside and my house is very quiet.  Hubby and the dogs are still sound asleep.  I have a lovely cup of 'sweet and spicy' tea next to me.  This seems like the perfect time to kick back and update my blog.


I finally made the decision to frog one of my languishing WIP's.  It was my Kid Silk Haze Shawl.  It just was not 'speaking' to me.  The lace weight alpaca yarn has been put back into my stash.  Someday it will be used to make something very lovely, just not today.  That leaves me with only 1 old WIP.  The jury is still out on what I will do with that............finish it or frog it.

Speaking of frogs.........................

Fred the frog is completed and in a box with his dragon buddy.  They are  ready to be shipped to Texas.  The pattern was pretty easy to follow, although, I did make one slight change.  I made the body and head as one piece.  The instructions called for you to bind off for the body and then pick up stitches for the head.  The way I did it made it much easier.  There are supposed to be 'toes' on his feet and hands but after completing the first set, I was not pleased with the way they looked and opted for a toeless frog.

Other than Mr Fred, I really did not have any interest in knitting or crocheting.  Yet, when I watch TV in the evenings with the hubby, I do not like my hands to be idle.  So.......

Another DW dishcloth was completed.  It was made with some leftover cotton yarn I found laying around.  Not sure if this is Sugar and Cream or some other brand.  Everyone needs a bright red dishcloth, right?

The only other item I worked on this week was the puzzle I started a couple of weeks ago.

This was so much fun to do.  This was my daytime project.  It was perfect for when I was doing laundry or baking.  So much easier to interrupt a puzzle than a knitting project when things need to be taken out of the oven or dryer.  I love puzzles with lots of colors in them.  Unfortunately, most of the other puzzles I have do not have this much 'interest' in them. 

That is all of the crafting that got done this week.  I have absolutely no plans for the coming week as far as knitting or crocheting are concerned.  Nothing is sparking my interest at the moment.  Maybe I will make a prayer shawl or two this next week.  Who knows.

In other areas of my life.....................I recieved some goodies in the mail.

 As you know, my daughter is a Pampered Chef consultant.  She has been having parties lately to help with charities.  Her nephew wanted to have a party to help a charity in his hometown.  It helps people suffering from poverty and homelessness.  Since there is always something in their catalog I think would be fun in my kitchen, I ordered the above items.

Of course you can see the big item is the doughnut pan.  I have a silicone one but am not happy with the way the doughnuts turn out.  Hopefully this pan will be much better.  There are two angled cleaning brushed that my hubby loves when cleaning tight areas like sink faucets and corners of grout.  The blue items are the new 'pan' scrapers.  They are redesigned and actually were a gift from my daughter for being such a good customer LOL.  The scoop is for making cookies.  So many of my recipes call for the cookie to be made into a ball.  I get tired of my hands being all guncked up and this will solve that issue.

I am still shuttling my BFF back and forth to her PT appointments twice a week.  She is doing so much better.  I have a feeling my days as a chauffer are coming to an end pretty soon.  I have also managed to get back into a regular exercise routine.  It has increased my energy level as well as helped with some of my strength issues.  Even after just one week of regular workouts, I can tell a difference in my stamina and strength.  Especially in my legs and lungs.

I did need to go to the Dr this week.  Seems I had an bit of a reaction to my Pfizer vaccine.  I broke out in a rash all around my neck and upper chest.  It was extremely itchy and hot to the touch.  I asked the Dr if it could be related to the vaccine as it showed up 6 days after our second dose.  He thought it probably was but could not say for sure.  This happened to me after my first dose too but only lasted for 2 days.  This time it hung around for 5 days.  He told me to take an antihistamine (Zyrtec) and also gave me an RX for some steroids.  I decided to try the antihistamine first as I really don't like what steroids do to me.  TA-DA!  It cleared up in one day!  I am reporting the reaction to the CDC as well as to our local health department as they are asking for this type of info.  Still, it is much better than having the actual virus!

We started back to Trivia last week.  It has been one year since our last Trivia meet-up.  It is now done electronically and was really so much more fun that way.  Our team came in second place!  I think a lot of that had to do with the fact we had a teenager on our team.  Thanks Josie!  We will go again this week on St Paddy's day.  Wonder if they will be serving green beer?

While most of the USA lost an hour last night, we here in Arizona did not.  We do not observe Daylight Savings Time and that makes me happy.  My only problem is remembering the time difference in other areas when I go to make phone calls.  

If you had to change your clock, how long does it take for your body to readjust to the new time?

Until next time....................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your puzzle. Totally agree the more colors the better. I bought myself the Ravensburger Craft Cupboard for Christmas (they didn't have a Knitting only one). I started it here in Florida but put it back away as I greatly prefer to knit. I'm looking forward to setting it up on a big table near my knitting nook back home. Only problem may be my cat knocking off pieces - hmm, have to think about that. Sorry to hear about your rash reaction. Glad it cleared up fairly easily. I wish the whole US would get rid of this spring forward/fall back. Having worked with Energy Star in my career, I know how bogus these "energy saving" estimates are.

  2. Fred is adorable!!! And I think he looks perfect toeless. :) I'm so glad you shared your reaction to the vaccine. That isn't a reaction I had heard of, and I think it's great to keep up on the list of potential reactions. We observe Daylight Savings Time and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I dislike the weekend we "spring forward", but I love "falling back". I love the late days in the summer time, and I love the early evenings in the winter. I think I adapt pretty quickly, though hubs will complain for a month that he's still tired from switching the time. lol In Indiana most counties used to stay the same, but some counties (I think counties that touched states) would change with those states. It was crazy and we were forever having to figure out what time it was when calling people in other states. I think changing times is pretty ridiculous at this point, but I would like to stay on the same time as everyone in my time zone - even if that means changing time twice a year, I suppose

  3. That puzzle looks like fun, but also very tricky - all those colours! I am not sure about the time zone change this year. It is 10pm here and I am totally ready for bed so perhaps my lingering cough and sleepless nights will make the turn around easier. I am glad the rash was easily cleared up. Sounds very uncomfortable and good on you for reporting it to the CDC.

  4. I had my first Pfizer shot a week ago and no reaction - at least yet. But good to know about. While I support the effort to vaccinate the population (because the disease is so much worse than the vaccine), I do feel like we are all part of a grand experiment. I’m just glad there is the option available to take it.

  5. So glad the medicine helped your rash! I have been just working on that giant granny. I have so much to do now that Spring is here in the Ozarks otherwise the weeds take over before I know it! I need to make some more wash cloths. I have to have something to do when watching t.v. Your frog turned out so cute and good for you doing it all in one piece! I have that same cookie scoop! That puzzle looks challenging but not for you! Have fun with your Trivia and Happy St. Pat's Day!

  6. I guess I did okay adjusting to the time change. There's been pockets of rain here so the weather can affect me sleepwise. Yay for getting back on the exercise routine; it really makes a difference. Sorry you had a reaction the shot. Glad the antihistamine was a quick and painless fix. Love how you got a donut pan that makes a dozen easily. Now I can't remember if I had bought another half dozen one for myself or not. I am craving donuts of late; too many yummy ones on IG.

  7. Hi, are you allergic to penicillin? Here people with an allergy to penicillin have been found to have some reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. My husband and I are both allergic and our Dr surgery happens to have been allocated the Oxford Astra Zeneca one which worked out well. If I have penicillin it gives me a red rash on my upper chest and lower neck. I hope you have a good week and we see some donut photos yum! The frog looks perfect with his feet as they are.

    1. Nope. Not allergic to penicillin. But that is good info.


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