Sunday, March 7, 2021



Hey there!  Nice to have you visiting today.  The past week was another crazy week for my household.  Let's take a look and see what happened, okay?


I have three FO's this week.  Don't get real excited about it though.  It was just my palette cleanser dishcloths.

 A new to me pattern called "copycat dishcloth".  It is made with Sugarwheel Cotton from Hobby Lobby using a size 8 US (5.0mm) needle.  I use a bigger needle than called for as cotton shrinks after washing and drying.  The yarn is so nice to work with.  It is super soft and not rough on my hands like sugar and cream is.  

These two cloths are my DW dishcloth. (Pattern is no longer available)  They are from the same skein of yarn as the above cloth.  I have enough yarn in the skein to make another two or three cloths.  Not too shabby to be getting 5-6 dishcloths from one skein of yarn.  I get the yarn when it is on 30% off so it is only a little over $4.

I decided on a pattern for my grand daughter's frog.  Thanks to Sam, I decided to make "Ribbit" by Susan B Anderson.

I know it kind of looks like a cat at the moment.  Once I get his eyes, mouth and limbs attached, I promise he will look like a frog.  The two bumps on top of his head are his eye sockets.

Here is one leg with foot.  I also need to make toes and attach them to the foot.  He should be completed by the end of today or sometime tomorrow.

Spring Fever has hit me hard!  I am not sure what I will work on after this.  I am really not in the mood to work on any of my WIP's.  There are two WIP's started years before the beginning of this YOP and 1 I started at the beginning of this YOP.  The two 'older' projects are probably going to be heading to the frog pond this week.  I have not touched either of them for over 1-2 years.  I pulled them out the other day and realized I disliked both of them.  The yarn will be used in another project sometime.  The WIP I started this year is a for the prayer shawl group.  I will continue to work on it as it uses up my sock yarn scraps.  I knew it was going to be a work in progress when I started it.

Then, there are the Victorian squares I started making again a month ago.  Those will continue on also.  They are very much like making a dishcloth.  A good palette cleanser.  I also knew, when I started on them, they would be a long term WIP.

That is all for my crafting today.  


Hubby and I got our second dose of the Covid Vaccine.  We received the Pfizer vaccine.  We had been warned that the second dose could produce some side effects.  We were prepared for the worse and this is what happened.

That is my arm at the injection site.  It is the same reaction I had as when I got the first dose.  Other than that, we were just a bit more tired than usual for the next couple of days.  No headache, fever, or body aches.  Hubby didn't even have a mark where his injection was, just a bit of a tender arm for a couple of days.  The most painful side effect was the broken windshield we got on our new car from the drive to the injection site!

Yup, as we were driving the 37 miles to get our shot, an 18 wheeler threw a rock that hit our windshield and left a nice crack in it.  We were not going to worry about it right away but.....The crack started to spread rapidly and is now covering the entire passenger's side of the windshield.  Hubby called the insurance company and we need to wait 5-7 days for the replacement.  WHY?  Because our car is brand new off the assembly line this year and no one has our windshields in stock.  It had to be ordered from a dealership and they had to get it from the factory.  Then once it is installed, another person needs to come out and recalibrate our 'safety' features that are in the windshield.  

But wait, there is more.  We had one of our famous Arizona windy days on Tuesday.  There were steady 40MPH winds with gusts up to 70MPH for well over 12 hours.  The morning after the windy day we woke up to half of our rain gutter being pulled off the back of our house, twisted and sloping into our yard.  Hubby was going to go and attach it back to the house when he discovered it was twisted and would not straighten out.  We have a guttering expert coming out this week to give us an estimate on replacing the 30 year old guttering.  Our insurance covers that too.  On a positive note.............our roof shingles were just fine after the windstorm.

I have been working with my sourdough starter this past week.  I made a loaf of Honey Wheat sourdough bread, sourdough molasses cookies and sourdough blondies.  I will be getting the starter ready again today to make another loaf of bread.   Not sure what kind I will make yet (wheat or white).  Since it takes 24 hours to make a loaf, I have plenty of time to decide, right?  Thank goodness for my sweet friend in Las Vegas.  We both are kind of new to the sourdough craze and do a lot of bouncing ideas off of each other.  We discuss our victories and our failures with the dough.  She has helped me get confident about trying new things with my starter.  What a blessing she is to me.  My hubby thanks her too.  He is loving all the items I am making LOL.

Other than  that, it has been a normal week of laundry and cooking.  I did get a chance to do Josie's hair for 'premier' night at her theater group. ( Instead of doing live performances, they are filming them and then watching them on a premier night.)  I also got to take my BFF to her PT appointment again.  She is doing so well and I think she will be back to her normal routines in just a couple more weeks.  She has handled her shoulder surgery better than anyone else I have known who has gone through this.

Today I will be finishing up this weeks laundry, making menus and a grocery list, working on a puzzle I laid out on Friday and maybe even give our dogs their springtime bath.  SHHHHH, don't tell them though.  It is not their favorite activity.

What is going on in your area?  Has springtime come knocking at your door yet?

Until Next Time.....................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Has springtime come to Wisconsin? There's still a lot of snow on the ground, but the roads are dry enough for biking. Not sure where that leaves us.
    We had to drive 45 miles for my vaccination, and we have no idea when Keith will be able to get it. At least we arrived back home with our windshield undamaged!
    I gave up on washcloths a few years ago, but I swear by Red Heart's Scrubby Yarn. It is great for scrubbing pans and washing up nicely in the washing machine.

  2. That frog looks like it will be so cute and fun for your granddaughter. Wow, what a week. You were very lucky that the windshield didn't break in on you. Speaking of gutters... that's something we get to deal with when we get back north. Our housesitting son sent us a picture of how the roof water was not going into the gutter but instead water is pooring out the siding. So much to look forward to when we get back home. :(

  3. Yay Sam coming to the rescue with a free pattern. I had a vague memory of someone knitting a frog in the past but couldn’t think who it was. I answered your tree question on my blog. How frustrating that the windscreen and gutters need work, but glad to know you are both safe and fully jabbed 😁. It’s like normal life can just be seen on the horizon now.

  4. Spring sure seems to be here in Indiana, but I know better than to think it's truly here before April. Except for that weeklong frigid spell most of the country experienced in February, we've had a pretty mild winter, so I really should not complain. I think emotionally, I'm just ready to move into a new season. Emotionally, my winter has been a rough one. Your story of the rock hitting your windshield sounds terrifying. Did it scare you two when it happened? I can't even imagine. Well, actually, I kind of can - which is why it sounds terrifying. I forgot to mention it in my blog post, but I got my first Pfizer vaccine last Monday and am scheduled for the other one in just two more weeks now. I'm going to count on feeling bad for a day or so, and will just be really happy if I am not. :) I hope you have an good (and comparatively uneventful) week coming up.

  5. Spring is here in the Ozark's although at night it still gets below freezing. The days are in the high 60' sand low 70's and not humid. I have yard work to do! I love your dish cloths. I agree on the "palette cleansing". Glad you liked the frog pattern. He's a cutie! That is too bad about your windshield and your gutters! So wonderful that you got your 2nd shot and didn't have too bad of a reaction. Glad your sourdough is going so well. I have laundry and grocery list and menu too. Enjoy your week!

  6. Spring is here too! Its about 50F today! My spouse and the kids are out playing and putting down grass seed. I repotted a sad spider plant and added more soil to a plant my mom left at my house a few years ago.

    I haven't made a dishcloth in a while. I have upward of 15 and my MIL still has plenty from the last ones I gave her 2 years ago (she is delightfully brutal on dishcloths). But.... the idea of a couple quick palette cleansers is VERY attractive. Thank you for inspiring me.

  7. Oh my...sorry about the cracked windshield and twisted gutter, but yay for the 2nd shot!!
    I won't spill the secret about the puppy bath either. Mum's the word. As for spring here - on the way home from my broncoscopy I saw a whole field of snow drops and a long strip of blooming daffodils. Also, my Amaryllis has a bud. So that is proof. Spring is coming!!

  8. I think we have had windshields fixed 3x from tiny rocks on the the highway. they just do that glue thing. ugh. I got the second moderna shot on Monday and I was so ill on Tuesday!! I had all the side effects, jeez.

  9. My parents had sore injection sites also to the point my mom had trouble sleeping, but she toughed it out.


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