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Sunday, December 22, 2019


Hello readers.  Is the air around your house sparked with excitement for the upcoming holidays?  Mine sure is.  We are getting ready to head to the airport to pick up our Grand Daughter from Texas.  Our local Grand Daughter spent the night last night so she could go with us to greet her cousin.  Family is very important to us.

How about we take a look at what kind of fiber arts went on this week.

I finished the baby ensemble on Thursday.  What a joy it was to make this.

I found these sweet little buttons to add a bit of a girly touch to the sweater.  They are so vintage looking.  Love, love, love vintage items for baby clothing.

I have not made pom poms in quite a while and after making this one, it will be a while again before I make another one.  I had bits of fiber everywhere!

I bet you think I picked up my sweater to get it closer to the finish line.  Nope.  I cast on another pair of TAAT toe up socks.

I am doing the Scatterby Sock pattern for these.  It has been in my "to do" patterns for a few years.  Now that I am doing TAAT toe up, again, I figured I would give it a go.  The sock on the right has a few boo-boos in it but it will be inside a shoe so it will not show.  The pattern is not hard but you do need to pay a bit of attention as you do it. (read: do not drink wine while knitting this pattern)  I love the way if breaks up the short color repeats.  This should prevent any further pooling, like there is on the toe.  Hubby was super happy to hear these socks are for him.  Wow, I have never seen a man get excited about socks like he does.

We got all our Christmas shopping completed by Tuesday and everything wrapped and tagged on Friday.  I have never placed packages under our tree before but with the girls being here for some of the week, I decided to try it.  My dogs have been super good about leaving everything alone.  Hooray!

I managed to sneak in some time to get a haircut.  Hubby did too.  That always improves our moods.

I had a follow-up appointment with my eye Dr this past week.  No retinal damage and my pressure was back to normal.  PTL!  Love getting good news like that this time of year.

Our house is clean, laundry is 100% done and we are ready to relax and enjoy all the friends and family we will be seeing over the next 10 days.   

I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas (if you celebrate).  Other wise, have a wonderful week.

Until Next Time..................Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. Wow, you can here the joy in your writing. Have a wonderful Christmas. The baby that gets that sweet outfit is a lucky one. Enjoy xx

  2. You sound readier than ready! Well done - and good news on the eye front. Have the bestest Christmas ever!

  3. You sound ready for the celebrations to begin! I love that sweet little sweater with the buttons on the side. With that hat, it's a perfect set! So glad you got a good report on your eyes. Merry Christmas and enjoy all your celebrating!

  4. Hi I found you from Rain's blog. I love the purple set. Those buttons really set it off. Have a nice Christmas.

  5. Great news from the doctor Marsha!!! You go girl! :) Oh I love all of your knitted pieces, but those buttons are just adorable!!! No knitting and drinking? Hmmm...no knitting for me then lol ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and your hubby!!! xx

  6. Love love love the buttons on the baby sweater! And the socks are coming along so lovely. So glad to hear you had such good news about your eyes. So have a wonderful time with your family, and take care.

  7. The baby ensemble is precious! I love the socks too. TAAT is something I would like to learn. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Those buttons are adorable and of course you need to cast on new socks. By the way, I think drinking wine during a new pattern is precisely the way to go!

  9. Hi Marsha :) Just wanted to check in and say hello! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday! xx

  10. Ugh, house cleaning. I have to do some before the 25th/CNY. I like how the buttons pick up on the purple of this layette set.


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