Sunday, December 15, 2019



Sunday again?  The weeks are just zooming along.  This time next week I will be at the airport picking up one of my grands from Texas.  She is coming to spend Christmas with us.  Her parents have to work during the Christmas holidays (The US Navy does not take off for holidays) and she asked if she could come to be with us for that time period.  How sweet is that?

Today, it is sunny outside with a high expected to be around 63F.  I will be spending a bit of time outside knitting in the wonderful sunshine.  This is my favorite time of year here in the desert.

This past week saw me getting quite a few things done for the upcoming weeks.  Once the Grand comes, as well as all the other guests, who will be coming and going, I want to be able to just enjoy the time with family and friends.

When I left you last week, I showed you the makings for the Chex Party Mix (nuts and bolts).  We went to our friend's home and were able to cut the baking time from 8 hours down to 2.5 hours!   What a difference 3 ovens make.  It made 18 gallons of mix and we have already given out 4 gallons of it.  Not to mention the 1 gallon we have sitting in our kitchen for our eating pleasure.

As for knitting/crocheting.  I have a finish.

The socks for my sister in law are done and were mailed yesterday.  I very much enjoyed doing the two at a time socks from the toe up.  After talking to several other knitters, I found out their tension was indeed, looser on magic loop vs DPN's.  Therefore, I need to use a size US 1 (2.25mm) needle for magic loop and US 1.5 (2.5mm) for DPN's.  You may not think it a huge difference in the needle size but it does make a HUGE difference in the gauge.

I was asked to make another baby sweater.  This one will be for another little girl due to arrive in March 2020.  Once again, I told the soon to be Grandma, "You buy the yarn and I will buy the buttons and do the knitting".  She complied willingly.  

Yes, this is the Wee Sherlock pattern again.  It is so versatile for either male or female.  This is the first time I have ever worked with Red Heart Soft Baby Steps.  It is 100% acrylic and SO SOFT!  I love the sheen it has also.    I started this on Thursday evening and it is just flying off the needles.  I am making the 6-12 month size this time.  After the sweater is completed, I will be making a matching hat also.  I so love making baby items.

While knitting I have been listening to audio books.  It is so nice to listen to books.  It reminds me of when I was young and my parents would read to me each day.  It is so soothing and what a great way to multi-task.

Hubby surprised me this week.  He offered to do some of the grocery shopping and when he came home these were in his hands.

My favorite color of roses, yellow.  After 44 years he still remembers these are my favorite.  They are fully opened this morning.  I just wish roses lasted longer than a few days.

Speaking of my hubby,

What a good sport he is.  We were in a store and I saw this jacket.  I asked him to try it on and got a photo.  I sent it to our kids so they could have a good laugh.  Wild Christmas outfits have been a running joke in our family for many years.  We got to be the first with the photo this year.  We could hear the eye rolls from all over the US.  LOL

We have been working on some decluttering.  Everyone of our Christmas boxes is being gone through and tomorrow Big Brothers/Big Sisters will be coming by to collect items we are donating.  So far we have 6 storage boxes ready to leave the house.  I also have gone through a couple of closets and there are clothes leaving our home too.  It feels so good to watch all this 'stuff' leaving our home.  

Today, I will be working on the baby sweater, hoping to complete the body and start on the sleeves.  There will be more decluttering today as well more audio books while the hubby watches football (US style).  I hope you all have a wonderful day and find something to smile about.

Until Next Time.....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!


  1. How wonderful to have one of your grands staying with you over Christmas! Your weather is perfect. Here not so much lately. But I had some of that nice weather where I sat outside too. Your socks turned out so nice! She will love them! The baby sweater is coming along. You are a fast knitter! Yellow roses are my favorite too! Your husband looks very handsome in his Christmas "outfit"! LOL! Great minds think alike! I too am going to take a bunch of stuff to Salvation Army this next week. Have a great week!

  2. How lovely your grand wants to spend Christmas with you. It's a lot of work, but is a brilliant idea to get ahead and then simply be able to enjoy everything.
    The socks are lovely, well done on getting them finished in time.

  3. Oh your hubby is so cute in that photo lol that jacket is a hoot! The baby sweater is so precious!

  4. Enjoy that granddaughter! That would be music to my ears to hear someone ask if they could stay here - because they wanted to hang with us. :) And enjoy the Chex Mix. 18 gallons. Whew! That's a lotta Chex! Your hubby's a good sport. It's never occurred to me to try on wacky Christmas clothing when out shopping. You may start some new traditions among your readers.

  5. Mmmm, Chex Mix! My parents used to make that. So fun that your granddaughter wants to come visit for the holidays. You sister-in-law and the new baby are lucky to get such pretty things from your needles. And your hubby is adorable in his Christmas jacket. And he did a good job with the yellow roses!

  6. What a busy and fun week you have had. I made nuts and bolts too. four batches x 2 hours per batch. You were smart to have 3 ovens going!! It is the only baking I do at Christmas - and most are gifts for family but I do keep a couple of jars for us to nibble on. Have a lovely Christmas with your Grand. You are lucky they are close enough for those kind of visits.

  7. I’ve just read on a forum what Chex Mix is and what the nearest equivalent in the UK is and it is saying 2 of our breakfast cereals, Shreddies and low sugar Cheerios. Then you add the flavourings, ! I’m very intrigued. What a lovely Christmas present to have your granddaughter with you. The Christmas outfit challenge sounds fun and that jacket he’s wearing is a winner.

  8. How exciting to be spending Christmas with your granddaughter. Do you follow plynnsal at all on IG? Her daughter is in the Navy and she always knits beanies for their charity (beanies for Navy personnel). I cannot believe how much Chex mnix y'all made. That is cray cray!


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