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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Muddling Through

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The photo above kind of describes how I feel today.  It is the middle of the week and there is so much I had wanted to accomplish by today and didn't.  My mind now is on overload wanting to get all of it done NOW.  By the end of the week I will be all smoothed out and relaxed.  I have no idea why I always work this way.  You would think after 66 years I would be able to accept this about me.  I am still a work in progress LOL.

On Monday, we had a 20 minute hail/rain storm.  I love storms as long as it does not cause injury to anyone.  The above is a video from my bedroom window looking into our backyard.  Once again, it flooded during this downpour.  The hail is not a common occurrence for us so it was a lot of fun to watch it accumulate.

Last night, hubby and I had our first glass of eggnog.  It was so yummy.  We did not have any last year, which made me very sad.  It does not seem like the holidays without a bit of eggnog.  Years ago, I made eggnog from scratch.  It was such an ordeal but tasted so much better than what you can get at the store.  Maybe someday I will make it from scratch again.  Maybe.

The sock is still not finished.  I have gotten the heels completed and just need to add a couple of inches on it and then do the cuff.  I do not know why, but I am not excited about working on them.  They could be finished in just an evening if I would just pick them up and work on them.  

Hubby and I did our grocery shopping yesterday and today I have cleaned the kitchen and am getting ready to do some laundry and go through the boxes of Christmas things we have not used in several years.  Once they have been gone through, we will be donated them to charity as I do not need them taking up real estate in my storage shed anymore.

Today, I leave you with a little tidbit I received from one of our church friends.

Until next time..............................happy crafting!


  1. I think you get so much done compared to me! It is hump day so you'll feel better tomorrow once "you're over the hump" ..lol! I love a good storm too as long as no one gets hurt and the power stays on. Yes, I am waiting to get my eggnog until closer to Christmas as I will drink it all plus I may get some spiced rum to put in it. That is how I like it and I heat it up in the microwave and put some nutmeg on top. Relax and put your feet up...hugs~Sam

  2. I've had eggnog in the past; it has an interesting taste.

  3. I love hail storms - as long as I'm inside and it's not damaging. =^o

  4. I've not had eggnog in years and years. We've had trees fall on 2 difference houses in my growing up years, one a winter storm, and one a spring one...so am not a fan of any storm. They can do so much damage. I don't think things bother me as much now as they did when I was younger...or at least I think that's true.

  5. Powerful message at the end. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Hi Marsha :) The video didn't work! Oh I love hail storms, though I was in one during a very humid summer day and it was very scary! I LOVE eggnog and your glass is so cute! I make homemade for Alex but I can't drink it because I have an intolerance to egg yolks, so I buy the store one for me, which I always found to be very yummy! (spiked with some rum and brandy lol!)

  7. I don’t think I’ve had eggnog, I need to google what’s in it and still need to find out what Chex mix is. Our supermarket has some American products so I’ll have a look next time I’m in.


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