Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Never Give Up

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This is my mantra today.  I finally found a pattern for a sweater and no show socks I liked.  The sweater got cast on yesterday and I did about 14 rows on it.  It is not a pattern I am totally in love with but will do.  Or at least I thought it would be OK until this morning.  I looked at it again and realized it is not making my heart swell with the longing of having it in my closet.  It is going to be frogged today.  Don't be sad for me.  I did find another pattern that made my eyes go wide and my heart swelled with the longing to have it in my closet.  This time the sweater is top down (the other was not) and it is crocheted!  Normally crocheted clothes do not strike my fancy but this one is everything I was looking for.  The pattern is written for fingering weight and I am using a DK/sport weight.  It will turn out OK as the pattern is written for a size a bit smaller than myself.  I figure with the DK/Sport it will be the perfect fit!  Plus, since it is top down I can make adjustments as I go along.  PERFECT!

Since the sweater was not causing copious amounts of joy, last night, I decided to cast on my toe up no show socks.  I tried 4 times to cast them on using 2 different methods.  Nothing worked for me.  When I first started making socks, they were ALWAYS toe up!  I have no idea why I am having such a hard time starting these.  I will sit down with YouTube today and try it again.  Never give up!

After all the disappointment of my crafting day I settled into my chair, hubby turned on movies and I worked on a dishcloth.  Someone called dishcloths palette cleansers.  I agree.  The pattern I use is memorized so there is no need to look at any written instructions.  It is also one that I knit using the Portuguese style so my wrists and hands do not get tired and I also do not need to watch my work.  It was very soothing to work on.

Today is a new day and I am all set to make things go better.  But, before I start on the crafting I have a list of to do's that will be done first.

Until next time...........happy crafting!


Stefanie said...

It happens and glad you were able to find a better pattern to make. You don't know unless you try and you certainly did. It took me a while to get used to toe up cast on for those baby booties. Plus I read everywhere because the needle that becomes the stitch holder is the opposite from knitting cuff down with two circs.

Retired Knitter said...

I find I have several false starts when I begin a new pattern. I find that frustrating. But for some reason there is always something that is not right or as expected. It is always something different as well. Gauge, drape, problem with instructions, fabric created unsatisfactory, something ... always something. But I also do not give up - unless I find I am really unhappy with the product - then it is frogged.