Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

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Half way through the week and I am already looking forward to the weekend.  Even though I am retired I still continue to try and do all my errands, laundry and housework during the week so my weekends can be free to spend with my working friends.  Here is a little run down of the past few days.

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Monday- I finally got to see my Rheumatologist again.  It has been since December of 2017 since I was able to see her.  My insurance changed and she was not a provider until January of this year.  It was so good to be back there again.  I am starting a new/old drug regimen!  It is a drug I had taken 25 years ago and we are hoping it will work for me again.  I really do not want to start on biologics!
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There was a bit of concern going to see her as my right leg has been in horrible pain for about a week.  Come to find out it is just muscular and possibly a bone bruise from falling while cleaning an inside window.  (Step stool flew out from under me. OUCH!) 

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 After spending two hours at the Dr's office, hubby was kind enough to take me to lunch at our neighborhood family owned Italian restaurant.  It was super yummy!  I could eat Italian several days a week. 

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Tuesday- My to do list was a full page in my journal.  Luckily, I got up early and was able to get three loads of laundry completed before 11AM.  Then I grabbed my car keys and took off to run errands.  I only had three stops to make and yet it still took me 2 hours to complete them.  The longest was at the pharmacy.  My Dr had only called in a 30 day supply of the new/old drug.  My insurance pays for a 90 day supply.  Of course, the pharmacist had to call the Dr to make sure it was OK to fill it that way.  Sheesh!  Good thing I know what my insurances covers!  

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Today- I went to my nail tech appointment only to be told my tech was not in town and if I wanted, another lady could do it for me.  WHAT?????  I do not have acrylic nails as most women do.  I have liquid gel and it is a specialized type of training to be able to apply it properly.  This other lady did it for me one other time and it was a mess.  I politely declined her offer and told her I would call later to reschedule.  Trust me, she is aware I was not happy as I have had this standing appointment for over a year now.

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I called hubby and told him to hurry and get ready for a fun day out.  Today is 10% off your total bill for senior day at our Kroger store.  This is the day we will do our major shopping for the month.  We also went to Winco and Costco.  After 5 hours out and about, we are finally home and I am resting my leg.  It is very sore from all the walking.  I refuse to let a little discomfort stop me from enjoying a day with my hubby though.

There is a loaf of bread in the bread machine, chicken wings are defrosting for our dinner and we will also make bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers to go with them.  Our version of junk food LOL 

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Both of them will be done in the air fryer.  Super easy for both cooking and cleaning.  No grease splatters anywhere in my kitchen.  
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My Gourmia 6 qt air fryer is one of the most used small appliance in my home.  I never wanted one but the prayer shawl ladies got to talking about how easy it was to cook a meal in one and the rest is history.  

Speaking of which, tomorrow is Prayer Shawl Group.  I have the 'To the Point' shawl to turn in.  There is not another prayer shawl in the making right now.  Maybe I will start one tonight.  Trying to start one during the meeting is really hard.  There is so much conversation going on, it is hard to concentrate and count.  We now have almost 20 ladies in the group and we meet in a small room, so the noise level can get quite high.

Time to watch the news and then make dinner.

Until next time.................happy crafting!


  1. No wonder your leg hurt! Mine would hurt too walking all over on those concrete floors! LOL! I have no RA doctor anymore as he left for Little Rock and the others have not even a waiting list. I don't need one though. I've been in remission for years now and I just take a tiny bit of prednisone and some hydroxychloroquine which are so inexpensive compared to the Enbrel I used to take. Now I can afford some yarn! LOL! The junk food sounded great and I pinned your air fryer so it's on my bucket list! Take care and rest that leg! I always take a hot bath after working in the yard to ease my muscles and also drown any ticks that might have crawled on board! LOL! Take care!

  2. Okay, I'm tired now after reading your heck of a week. I'm sorry you have pain but glad you got your doctor back. And you go on being able to eat jalapenos like that.

  3. I too could eat Italian every day of the week. Sorry about your fall, hope you feel better soon. The saloon should have called you to let you know your person wasn't there..bummer.


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