Sunday, April 28, 2019


Hello everyone.  Welcome once again to my little blog.  Not much to update this week.  Same two projects as the past several weeks.  

The HES socks

Not much done on them other than making them caught up to each other.  I have no idea why the foot of the sock takes me so long to do.  It is the same length as the leg and the leg is normally completed in a week or two.  (That is for both socks!)  I know hubby thinks I have forgotten about them.  I have been focusing more on my shawl.

The yellow dot is where I was last Sunday.  You can now see how the angle of the shawl is becoming trapezoid.  I love working on this and am seeing the end of this project in about 2 weeks.  I should have enough yarn for 2 more "V" stitch sections and one more linen stitch section after the one I am working on now. answer a question from last week....Yes the yarn is Scheepjes Whirl in Blueberry BamBam colorway.

Since this is the last Sunday of the month it is time to show my dishcloths..............once again, there are nada, nil, zip, zero to show.  This is bad.  Those quick knit projects are what keep me from getting a bad case of startitis!  I am getting antsy with only doing these two projects and dream of starting something else.  Like a spring/summer sweater or a blanket or Christmas ornaments.  I refuse to succumb to this whimsy.  These two projects need to get done and ready to wear!  I do want to thank all of you who gave me the Rose City Rollers idea for short socks.  That is now in my library to do.

Since my crafting is stalled, I will fill you in on my week.

Monday I went to my Rheumatologist to get the results of my hip x-ray.  NORMAL!  So why does my thigh and groin hurt so much?  Well, without an MRI they can not tell me more than what they see on the x-ray.  Her best guess is my RA has gotten into my spine and is causing presser on nerves that go to my leg.  She has given me an RX for physical therapy to see if it will help.  If that doesn't then she said I might have a labral tear of the hip but that only shows up on an MRI!  I am Mrs. Claustrophobic and they would need to sedate me HEAVILY to get me in an MRI tube.  Then my BFF informs me they have standing MRI's that are totally open!  Now we are talking.  So, will do the PT and see what happens after that.  In all actuality, the pain gets a bit better each day.

Tuesday I got up early and completed 4 loads of laundry before noon.  The clothes were even folded and put away by then too!  That gave me the rest of the day to play around with crafting and decluttering.

Wednesday saw me get a huge burst of energy.  I had an early morning appointment for my nails and then came home and did kitchen work for an hour while hubby cleaned part of the house.  He had Church duties that evening and while he was gone I completely cleaned out my side of our vanity in our bathroom.  I have 2 drawers and a DEEP cupboard on my side.  I threw out a 13 gallon trash bag of 'stuff' and got the top of the vanity cleared off other than my 3 crystal bottle from my mom.  What a difference it made.

Thursday was pretty much a day to do little stuff around the house.  There was the watering of the plants and moving items for hubby so he could mop floors quicker.  There was a haircut involved in this day too.  I had been trying to grow my hair out since August and nothing much was happening with it.  So off to the stylist to get it back into an undercut pixie.  So glad I did as out temperatures have already hit 100F this week.

Friday I decided to clean out hubby's side of the vanity.  Another 13 gallon bag of 'stuff' was thrown away.  There are also items that will be given to charity.  It feels so good to have that area done.  Next week I want to pick another area and focus on that.  I do not want my children to have to deal with 'stuff' after we leave this earth.  

Saturday was a fun day for us.  I made an early morning grocery store run since we were having our Grand and her friend spending the night.  When teenagers are coming over you need things in the house like cookies and chips and dip.  We obtained the girls after Mass and took them out to eat.  When we came home they went swimming for a couple of hours and then played cards until around 11.  I even played Rummy 500 with them for a while.  It was so much fun and there were plenty of laughs. 

Today, we will take the girls out for their coffee and donuts.  Their parents will be by to pick them up at 10 and 11.  The house will be so quiet after they leave.  Hubby is going to smoke a rib eye roast today for our dinner tonight.  YUMMY!  We are trying to smoke some meat twice a month.  It feeds us for several days which makes meal planning for me a dream!

That pretty much covers my week.  It is about time to go and wake up some sleeping girls so they can have time to eat and drink their breakfast.

Until Next Time.............Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becki said...

Not wanting to discourage you, Marsha, but when my DH had an open MRI a couple of years ago, he was told by the doctor that they do not produce as clear an image as the closed(?) MRIs. I don't recall if he had to have another one done, but it was frustrating to hear that. He and I were both terribly worried about feeling claustrophobic in a closed MRI, but I will tell you... it really wasn't bad (and we are not small people). I believe they also come in different sizes. The hardest part for me was that it hurt my back to lay on it for so long. I was given a pillow for under my knees when I had an MRI of my head most recently (turns out my brain was still there!) If you tell your doctor and the technicians your concerns they'll hopefully work with you (and give you a sedative if you need it).

Good going on all the getting rid of. I need to get back to that. I'm thinking I maybe need to get ruthless about my yarn. I plan on donating some stuff this summer to a fund-raiser. Craft supplies would probably make a good donation. The time spent with your granddaughter and her friend sound like so much fun. And you're making some great memories for them, too.

Breathing Life said...

Great job on clearing out the vanity. Doesn't it feel great. I feel like I can breathe in my little house once more now I have de-cluttered and Kondo'd every inch of the house.

Ruth said...

Decluttering is so therapeutic isn't it Marsha and you feel so much lighter after the process. You're so very near the end with these projects that another week or two they will be off the needles and you can start new things again, perhaps to calm the startitis do a cloth and forget about not having any for April.

Stefanie said...

We are having a charity pick up soon. I've been putting clothes aside to give away. I want to get rid of some household items too. I'd like to make some dishcloths to use for our bathroom counters.

Sam I Am...... said...

Love that blue color in your is such a pretty shade. You are so motivating with all you do! I was given a sedative and that really helped when I had one. Before the sedative I was pretty panicked and they had to get me out of there! LOL! The girls have been consuming much of my time caring and cleaning up after them so there hasn't been much de-cluttering. Good luck with your PT and Ihope it heals fast for you. It's so nice you enjoy your grand-daughter so much. She will have many happy memories of her times with you and your husband. Have a good week!

Lucy Bowen said...

You have been so busy, decluttering feels fantastic doesn't it? Your projects look wonderful and are so nearly finished, then you can start all the projects!

Retired Knitter said...

Hi Leftycrafter. Retired Knitter here. I discovered a problem on my blog with comments making it to the individual posts I did in April for the A-2-Z Challenge. And as I was sorting through the comments I didn't get (because they were housed in my SPAM - Yikes) I noticed you mentioned that your comments were not showing up. Thank you for letting me know. I spent most of today 'de-spamming' those comments and make sure they got posted appropriately. I still don't know what happened, but now that I know it can happen I will be checking my SPAM folder frequently.

I sure do like the look of that trapezoid shawl!!