Sunday, April 7, 2019


It is that time of week again to sit down and review what happened in the life of a left handed crafter.  I did make some progress this week on the two projects I was working on last week.  

First up are the Hermione's Everyday Socks for my husband.

As you can see, the heels are done on both pair.  As usual I did the FLK heel.  Hubby and I both think it fits our heels the best of any of them I have done.  Trust me, I have done several different types.  I think the only one I haven't tried is the after thought heel.  Since this photo looks like the stripes are off, I took another one to show you they are still matching.

Also, you can see my progress keepers showing where I was last week.  These are going pretty quickly now.  I am hoping to see the end of them in the near future.  

The only other item active at the moment is my Mimic Shawl.

As you can see, the color is starting to change already.  When this color first started, it looked like I had worked it with dirty hands.  I even went and washed them to make sure I was not soiling my yarn.  This pattern is fairly easy to do but, and there is always a but, you do need to count and watch your tension.  If you will notice, the top edge is not very even.  Fingers crossed this will block out.  Hence the tension and counting advise.  I have one more repeat of the 2 section pattern and then it starts in on the length.  This is not a fast crochet since it is done in fingering weight yarn.  The yarn I am using is light fingering weight yarn.  

That is all for my crafting this week.  Hopefully I can get more accomplished this coming week.  I never got started on another prayer shawl.  In fact, I did not go to the meeting this past week.  Hubby was not feeling well and I stayed home with him.  My hip was hurting quite a bit (and still is) and the idea of sitting on the hard folding chairs was not something I wanted to do for 2 hours either.

Hubby and I are getting ready to head out to the grocery store for this weeks veggies and a couple of needed items for this week's menu.  When we get back I want to work on my WIP's and relax.  

Until Next Time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. I bet your hubby is looking forward to those socks coming off the needles, too. How perfectly matched they are. Is that normal, or do you have to work at it to get the stripes to match so well? Just curious... I like the gradual change in color in the yarn you're using for that shawl. I look forward to seeing what other color(s) appear!

  2. socks are coming along nicely, as is the shawl

  3. I like how you're making socks for your hubby. Mine will complain now and then that I make nothing for me but he doesn't even use the two pairs of socks I had knitted for him in the past. Instead he gets food, LOL.

  4. Sorry to hear you are both not feeling too perky. i try to relax on Sundays but the girls still need to be cared for and Annie wants out every 15 minutes....she won't let me become a couch potato! LOL! The socks are looking great and you'll have the pair when you finish. I still have another one to knit but I may start another pair in another yarn just to switch things up as I'm not wearing wool socks anymore this year. I'll probably do them concurrently as I used to enjoy that also. The shawl is lovely! It looks blue from here not dirty! LOL!

  5. It's nice that your hubby appreciates your socks (mine would never have an opinion about fit). The shawl looks great and moss/linen stitch blocks out very well 'cause there's plenty of space for it to move around. The gradient is lovely.

  6. My husband’s only worn his socks twice in 6 months, so he’s no longer sock knit worthy lol Hope you feel better this week.the shawl looks great and I like the stripes on the socks.

  7. Great work on the socks and how beautifully your stripes are matching up. Lucky man!

  8. The socks are looking great Marsha and I love that they match so well, the need to match with stripey yarn is too much for me to ignore! Good progress on the shawl and I can see why you thought your hands may have been dirty, the colour change is subtle but I like it! Hope hubby is feeling better and that your hip pain passes quickly.

  9. Those socks are absolutely perfect. I avoid stripes for that reason - just can't make them match. I love the shawl as well. Will have to look that up on Ravelry.

  10. Love those socks!! I do a traditional heel flap and they fit perfectly. I have a pattern memorized for my foot and my husband's foot :)


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