Thursday, April 11, 2019


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This header actually says it better.  It has been one of those days.  It started with me getting up early.  Well earlier than normal.  My DIL has been sick since Monday.  She finally got a Dr appointment for 7am this morning.  I had the privilege of taking the Grand to school this morning. (Daddy is out of town on business)  I actually enjoyed to time we had in the car to talk about things that interest her.  The early rising also gave me a chance to enjoy some early morning cool air.  It was lovely.

This is the day hubby cleans the bathrooms and kitchen.  I get things moved out of his way so all he needs to do is vacuum and mop without having to move a bunch of things.  It took a bit longer since my hip/leg is still acting up.

I did make a call to my Rheumatologist and left a message about the pain in my hip/leg asking if I should get an x-ray to make sure I am not bone on bone or worse scenario, have something broken.  It has been 2.5 weeks since the fall that led to the pain.  I can walk, but it is with some pain and I have a very noticeable limp.  Not normal for me at all.  It is now almost 5:30 and I have not heard back from the Dr office.  I will call again tomorrow.  If I do not hear from her I may just go to urgent care and get the dang x-ray done on my own.  

I did make a loaf of bread today.  I tried a different recipe this time and man, it really got big!

That is a 2 pound loaf.  Look at what it looks like inside.

I used 1/2 spelt flour and 1/2 bread flour.  It is so yummy.  Hubby even liked it!  Finally, I have homemade bread he will eat.  Spelt flour is a very hard grain to make bread with due to the small amount of gluten in it.  I refuse to us xantham gum or gar gum.  They are both GMO products and that pretty much defeats the purpose of me making my own bread with natural ingredients!  This was my win for the day.

My loss learning for the day was on my Mimic shawl.  Remember this photo?

See that uneven top edge?  I thought it was just a tensions issue.  NOPE!  I was working on it all week and today when I counted stitches, I was WAY off.  Not a small amount where I could just add a stitch here and there to make it right.  So here is where I am now......

Yup, ripped it back to the very beginning of the first pattern repeat.  I managed to work 10 rows of linen/moss stitch only to find a mistake AGAIN in row 3.  I just finished ripping it back again and was working on it and am once again off in my count.  This time I am only 1 stitch off on one side so I will be able to  fix that as I crochet along that side without it being noticeable.  Thank goodness this shawl is meant for me.  There is no big dead line on getting it done.  I would like to have it by Mother's Day to wear when we go to Las Vegas. Those casinos have cold and hot spots in them.  If I do not complete it by then, I have a couple of others that will work just as well.

It is time for me to go and start our dinner.  Bacon wrapped chicken thighs cooked in the air fryer.  Then cut them up and they will be laid on a bed of lettuce with other veggies surrounding them.  It has become salad weather here in Arizona.

Until next time................happy crafting!

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  1. Props to you on rippin back that far. I can't stand mistakes and have to figure out what went wrong. You are a wonderful grandmother; I love how you talk to your granddaughter, interested in her. My mum is the same way; she is such a blessing.


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