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Sunday, October 14, 2018


Hello everyone.  It is that time of week, for those of us participating in YOP, to do an update of how our week of crafting went.

I was quite monogamous this week.  I worked on my Drops Of Jupiter shawl.  I worked on it a lot.  Any time I sat down, I picked it up and worked on it.  I spent HOURS doing nothing but working on this shawl.  Last week I had said I thought I would have it off the needles and ready to block by today.  I don't know where I got that idea from.  Did I forget how much time it takes to add beads to a project?  Here is my shawl as of this morning.

The third repeat of the pattern has just been started.  It has a total of four repeats.  Here is where I was last week.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of progress happening.  There are 371 stitches on my needles as this time.  I am still loving the pattern though.  The gradient yarn has made this project extra fun for me too.  The yarn is Scheepjes Whirl, in the colorway Lavendarlicious.  I will gladly use this yarn again.  Me thinks I need to find another shawl pattern for this yarn.

My goal is to finish the shawl this week and get it blocked or at least ready to block.  Our weather has turned quite cool and this shawl would be a welcomed addition to my wardrobe.

I started back to the Prayer Shawl group AGAIN this week.  Since I got the all clear from my had Dr, I decided it was time to get back to this lovely group of ladies.  Forest Path shawl got attention for 2 hours that day.  That is the only other knitting that I did besides 'the shawl'.

We got some more rain this week.  In fact, it rained for over 12 hours yesterday.  We got over 2 inches of rain at our house.  This was the scene in our backyard.

Yup, once again it was flooded.  When we left for Mass the main cross roads by our house were completely under water.  The water was up to the running boards even on trucks.  We managed to get through it OK, and by the time we had dinner, after church, it had all drained away.  Our backyard is back to normal this morning too.

Today, we are taking our daughter and her husband out for a lovely dinner.  Today is her birthday and yesterday was his birthday!  They asked if in lieu of gifts, we could go to a nice restaurant and have a really nice dinner.  We are going to a Brazilian Steakhouse.  We have heard great things about it.  

The rest of my week will be taken up with running the Grand around for her volleyball games.  Her team made the playoffs.  Unfortunately, the playoffs are in the BIG city and the drive there is not fun!  I won't be able to work on 'the shawl' during the game, but the prayer shawl or my scarf may be taking a road trip with me.

Until next time.....................happy crafting!!!!!


  1. That shawl will be sooo beautiful! So you are getting all the rain - probably our share as well, as it is wonderful and warm over here, but also very, very dry! Have a great week.

  2. Marsha your Drops of Jupiter is just lovely! I always forget how long those long rows take and add into that the addition of beads and really, you've made excellent work! Enjoy your dinner out and have a good week.

  3. Those purple shades are just so lovely.

  4. Your Drops of Jupiter shawl just keeps getting more beautiful! Enjoy your time with your grand daughter this week. I hope her team does well!

  5. Drops of Jupiter is gorgeous!!! I love the way the shading happens, really nice. You made really good headway. I've not touched my shawl since early Aug, been working on the ghan except for when I wasn't home. For a little change of pace, going to leave you the link to my travel blog.

  6. Your shawl is just wonderful. I love the colour and the beading is lovely. Hope you had a lovely meal.

  7. That is one beautiful "lavenderliscious" shawl! The gradient is so pretty and did you say beads? After using beads on my star Christmas ornament, I really love the look and it adds so much to a project. So glad your hand is good to go again and you are back with your Prayer Shawl group. Brazilian food sounds intriguing. Glad the 'flood waters' retreated too! Take care!

  8. happy birthday to your daughter and son in law!! yikes about the flooding. Our road keeps flooding but I'm at the tippy top of the hill so it doesn't effect me much. I love beads in my knitting and the tiny bit of weight it gives to lace knitting. Yours is beautiful!

  9. Congrats to your granddaughter! That's awesome. My kid got invited to the varsity tournament that occurs after the season is over because she's in the top two on the JV ladder. Send us your rain. Come here rain! We won't mind you at all. Glad you are knitting away. Sorry the yarn and the pattern didn't meld together.

  10. Hi Marsha :) Your shawl is very pretty, I love that colour of purple. Oh, Brazilian...sounds like it'll be a nice time!


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