Sunday, July 22, 2018

YOP Week 4


Another Sunday and time for my Year of Projects Post (YOP).  We are 4 weeks into year 8 and I am still plugging away on my original projects.  I did add a new project to my WIP's this week.

This is my Crochet on the Double shawl I am making.  I had done this YEARS ago and loved the fact it is a reversible fabric when done.  The ladies in my prayer shawl group got me to pick it up again.  It is quite enjoyable.  I really like being able to switch from knit to crochet during the week.  I went through my pattern books and found my crochet on the double books and was so thrilled I had not gotten rid of them.  This does take a bit more time to do than normal crochet.  Each row is a 2 step process.  It is similar to Tunisian crochet.  The hook I am using is around the size of an "N" hook and I feel it is way too large for my worsted weight yarn.  I used to have a "J" hook but seems that went away when I culled out my hooks and needles a while back.  They also call this Cro-Knit.  I am doing the shell stitch in it.  My goal this week is to find a smaller double ended crochet hook for the next shawl or lapghan.  This hook will be fine with bulky yarn.

As for my other projects:

The socks are the same size now.  I worked on these the most this week.  I wanted to get them caught up.  I am not in love with them and I do not know why.  They may be put into time out.  I am thinking of starting another pair and see if I am just not into sock knitting right now or it is the yarn that is bothering me.  I normally love socks but these are not speaking to me at all right now.

The Forest Path shawl is getting plenty of love on Thursdays at the prayer shawl group.  It grows quite rapidly because of the size 11 needles.  This is done with Caron Simply soft and is so snuggly.  The yarn was gifted to me and I am so happy to be able to make something to gift back.

Rising Tide is slow but sure.  I am on another row since last time.  There are 16 stitches between each marker and those 16 stitches get worked back and forth 7 times.  That means I am working 112 stitches in each little area and there are 18 areas.  Do the math and you will understand why this does not grow any faster.  Not to mention it is on a US size 3 needle and I am working with 100% wool.  My poor hands do get a bit itchy and spotty after about an hour of work.  Darn allergies.

As for other news.................Hubby went in Monday for his procedure.  He did not need it!  He had been misdiagnosed by the ultrasound Doctor!  I had been in such a dither for 2 weeks.  Needless to say, I was relieved and angry at the same time.  The original diagnosis he was given was quite serious and usually means there is a serious disease associated with it which leads to death.  Come to find out, it is not serious but we do need to see another specialist this week to get some answers as to why he has a problem and how to handle it.  Praise the Lord.  

As for me.........................I might as well let the cat out of the bag.  I have rejoined Weight Watchers.  I joined a month ago and am happy to report I am doing well with it and have been able to drop off some very unwanted weight already.  I have a long ways to go but am feeling so much better already.  I am doing it online only this time.  I did not enjoy the meetings the last time and I also did not like anyone else weighing me and knowing whether or not I had made progress for the week.  I am too private a person for that.  The only other person that knows I am doing this is my hubby.  I have not told any other family members or friends.  Like I said, I am a private person when it comes to very personal things.  Plus, I don't need others to watch me every time I put something in my mouth and wonder if I was supposed to be eating it.  Nope, been there and done that before.  But since I doubt I will be dining with any of you, my blog readers, I wanted to put it out there.  I know there are other bloggers I read, who also are doing WW.  Knitting is not an aerobic activity!  LOL  So the pool has been my friend for the past month.  I do water aerobics and swim some laps and do isometrics in it too.  Once the weather cools off (about October) my dogs and I will be walking the neighborhood again.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Until next time.........................happy crafting!!


  1. Wow, I had never heard of crochet on the double -- I think I'll have to go do some googling and watch a YouTube video or two. :) And good for you on WW. I should join you, you're right about needlecrafts not being an aerobic activity.

  2. Your double shawl sounds and looks great Marsha, it is a beautiful addition to the WIP side of things. Do try some other socks and indeed it could be you are just not much in the mood to knit socks. Everything else is coming along wonderfully and the Tide is gorgeous but no wonder it takes you time with all those factors! Best of luck with your WW journey, I myself have joined SW with an aim to also shed a few of the unwanted pounds. Like you I do it online as the idea of meetings just doesn't do anything for me either. I think though once the decision is made personally that's what matters most!

  3. I am not familiar with the double crochet method but it looks interesting. It might be the yarn as that has happened to me with do need to rally love the yarn. Forest Path is so pretty but Rising Tide is my favorite! It is turning out beautiful...should I add it to my list? So glad hubby is okay and congrats to you on taking charge. I'm cleaning and clearing but like weight loss, it is baby steps and some days I feel like I'm getting no where but I keep telling myself "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". You go girlfriend! Either way you're still my friend!

  4. Yay for a less serious issue. And boo on the misdiagnosis. This year we had a taste of that and I kind of know what kind of stress you went through.

  5. I understand if, for some reason you don't care for the socks or the yarn, perhaps, but I love the colors in the sock yarn you're using, Marsha. And your shawls are coming along nicely. And cro-knit! I've heard the term, but have never looked into it. So that what one does with those double-ended crochet hooks! Can't wait to see the finished shawl.

    And I'm glad that your DH doesn't have the serious issue you've been weighed down under, but so sorry he was misdiagnosed.

    I wish you well on the weight loss. I'm not in WW, but I'm baby-stepping (as Sam puts it above) toward being healthier and weighing less. I hope you have a great week, friend.

  6. I can’t even imagine knitting with yarn that irritated my skin. It’s gorgeous though!

    Glad to hear that things are on a more hopeful track with your husband? I wish you continued success in WW. I did it many years ago and got to my goal weight but then slipped back into old habits. Lately I’ve been very successful with Bright Line Eating, but it’s a very rigid program and not for everyone.

  7. First off, so glad your husband's misdiagnosis was caught and the prognosis isn't so serious. I was misdiagnosed once. I know the frustration. And I love all your projects. I am just getting back to crochet and I, too, enjoy switching between crochet and knit. I am a newbie crocheter - so many stitches I don't know. I have a new crochet project in the wings and hope to blog about it soon. And I totally love Caron Simply Soft. A wonderful acrylic. They have really improved acrylic from when I started knitting in the 1990s. For a yarn snob like me who is totally dedicated to fine wool, that is saying something. And thank you for sharing your WW experience on my blog. I have been on WW a few times over the last 20 years. This new program is by far the best one and I am hopeful that finally it will become a life style rather than a diet - which is what an successful change must be for longevity.

  8. Rising tide is still looking fabulous, and hopefully some time out or another pair of socks is the answer to the sock issue!
    I am so glad that your husband did not have the condition first diagnosed, but not so glad about the stress involved.
    I have been thinking about the WW/SW options and hadn't really given online a thought, I may look further into it now.

  9. That is such good news about your husband, though it is quite infuriating that he was misdiagnosed in the first place, especially as it caused you both such stress and worry. Still, glad it's all had such a positive outcome!

    I love the look of Rising Tide, it looks like a really cool pattern.

  10. If the socks bother you, just put them in time out, sometimes, they just ask for it. I'm so glad to hear the news about your husband, hopefull things will work out and you'll be able to find out what really is going on, and what he can do about it. Fingers still crossed.


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