Monday, July 9, 2018


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Each year I post about our monsoons we have in the Arizona Deserts.  Today was the start for us.  We started out with a nasty dust storm:

This doesn't look too bad.  Notice the palm tree.  Those fronds normally stand straight up and fan out.  As the dust was blowing, the rains decided to join in the fun.

Notice how far the palm tree is bent now.  I continued to rain pretty hard for about an hour.

You can not tell here but our street it flooded.  It only took 15 minutes for that to happen.  Our ground is not used to any large amounts of rain and it floods quickly.

See the white foam?  That is the water creeping up our driveway.  These storms will happen sporadically from now until the middle of September.  Our temperatures dropped from 102 to 72 in less than 30 minutes.  NIICE!

This is my favorite weather.  I know it can be destructive but it is a nice change from blue skies all the time.  Our BFF's BBQ got blown out of their backyard kitchen.  That is some strong winds!  There are hundreds of people without electricity.  We flickered a few times but are still on.

We also have a little house guest somewhere.

I looks huge in the photo but it is only about 4-6 inches with the tail.  This is a gecko.  Quite common here.  They do not care about people, they eat bugs.  We tried to get it out of the door, but it scurried off.  I don't want the dogs to find it and kill it.  They are good to have around.

I was busy this morning.

This is the yarn I received this last week.  It is the Diversity yarn for socks.  I got half of it caked up and pattern matched.  While I was doing that, I had a little company.

 I have blankets on top of my blocking mats.  He loves to lay on them and I do not love the dog hair he leaves behind.  Hence the blankets.  


Until next time...................happy crafting!


  1. That is some crazy weather...we get that occasionally during hurricane season..I love watching storms, all kinds of storms....snowstorms are great because everything is so quiet...

  2. Be safe and Take care! Always have some basic needs in the house which helps us during storm, flood etc...

  3. Those were a great series of pictures. I love BIG weather as long as it doesn't destroy houses and makes people homeless. It is fun to watch and to recognize just how strong Mother Nature is.

  4. Crazy weather but good for crafting!

  5. That is some monsoon. Fun sock yarn.

  6. Great pictures of your storms and I wish we would have and sunny every boring! LOL! We have little lizards here but they're not geckos I don't think...they change color. They're smaller and so far I've not gotten any inside. I have run over a couple with the car though...I feel so bad but they hide under the wheels for some reason.
    The yarns are gorgeous....they look like Felici.


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