Tuesday, February 13, 2018

On the Road Again

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We are packing our bags, making lists for dog sitters, finishing up the laundry, cleaning out the fridge, and taking a quick lesson from a physical therapist on how to handle MIL for a 5 hour car ride.  We are so excited to get her to her new facility.  I just know she will get wonderful care there.  It is the highest rated facility in the state.  Take a look at the entrance.

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It is just as nice inside too.  It is all very well maintained and the staff is so friendly and fun to be around.  Not depressing at all.

Just down the road from her, is my Father in Law's final resting place.  It is the veteran's cemetery.  This is what greets you as you drive through there.

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This always brings a tear to my eye.  I am quite patriotic.  My dad and Father in Law were WWII vets, I have many friends who were in Vietnam, my youngest son and his wife are in the Navy, my nephews are in the Air Force.  Yup, VERY patriotic!

We leave tomorrow morning.  I am looking forward to a little away time too.  Hubby and I will come home on Saturday.  We decided to spend a day just for ourselves, otherwise we would come home on Friday.  We need to go through all of my MIL's clothes, at her house and get the ones marked that will be going with her.  She also wants some of her personal pictures and knick knacks to decorate her room with.  So Thursday will be spent doing all that.  Friday, we are meeting up with some dear friends for a lovely dinner and then off we go home on Saturday.  It will be busy but we both know this is for the best.  We have turned over power of attorney to a brother that lives there, so that is another thing off hubby's plate.

I have been busy on the crafting front to.

I finished the cake yarn shawl.  One again this is the "To the Point" pattern.  I am in love with this pattern, as I am sure you have guessed.  Once this one was done, I ran out to buy some earthy colored yarn for another one.

This is Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It is so soft and smooshy.  I think this one is my favorite so far.  The yarn is a tweed.

It is loaded with brown and black specks throughout it.  I made labels for all the shawls and have sewn them in so they won't get lost in the laundry.

I had to decide what project to take for the road trip.  The Midnight Sunset shawl has 3 colors with it and they are all big skeins.  So, that got knocked out of the competition.  I realized, I do not have any socks on the needles!  I was going to take the wool I won from Knitterarium but.........The pattern I am going to use needs my full attention.  Not ideal when watching scenery and talking.  So.........................I found I had one skein of self striping yarn.  I have been watching Casey doing all these lovely self striping yarn socks and have been envious of their beauty.  I will do my favorite traveling pattern, "Car Socks" with it.

This is a horrible photo.  The yarn is bright white, vibrant red and a rich gray.  I will make these for hubby this time.  I haven't told him yet, it is a little surprise for him.  I want to try and get both of them cast on and the ribbing done before we leave tomorrow.  Then it is mindless knitting in the round until the heel comes along.  Perfect car knitting.

I think I have rambled on long enough.  The laundry is buzzing and I need to get on to other chores before we go for our physical therapy instructions this afternoon.

Until next time.............happy crafting!!!!!!


  1. Hi Marsha :) I hope the trip goes well and your mother in law is happy there. It looks like a nice place. It's so important to have faith in these homes so you have peace of mind too. The shawls look great! Bon voyage! Glad to know you'll both have a day to yourselves too!

  2. I love that tweedy shawl! Yes, it seems like this will be such a good thing for MIL. Who is Casey, as I'm addicted to self stripe socks...

  3. That's some interesting sock yarn; I'm looking forward to seeing how it knits up. I hope the trip went smoothly. What great grounds it has.


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