Thursday, February 22, 2018


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First off, last nights dinner was really good.  At least I thought it was, hubby was not as impressed.  He said he would eat it again but not as a favorite.  

Today has been filled with nothing but phone calls.  I have made or had 12 phone calls in the past 8 hours.  The shortest being 15 minutes.  Most of it has been about either my mom's memorial or hubby's mom's 'stuff'.  This I can say.............I am almost done with all the arrangements for my mom's memorial.  My goal is to have everything set by March 1 so I can sit back and actually have time to breath and grieve as needed.

Here is one thing I accomplished today.

This is the flower arrangement I choose for mom's memorial.  We are replacing the carnations with roses per mom's request.  I think it will be stunning with her urn.

The butterflies were part of her signature.  Those and rabbits were the 2 things we all know she loved.

I have contacted the cemetery today and gotten the open/close arranged and paid for.   The last of her finances have been completed and  got a check sent off to my brother for his portion of the estate.  I am so glad to be getting these things done and out of the way.  All I have left is the obituary/biography to write up for the Pastor at her church.  I still have hopes of completing that yet this week.

Tomorrow night, hubby and I are meeting with our son to discuss renting and airbnb during our stay for the memorial.  We want to get that booked and paid for ASAP so that will be one more thing off our plate.  We will rent a house together and it ends up being cheaper than getting a hotel room.  I am all for that!

It is about time for me to go and make dinner.  Tonight's dinner is:

Chicken and broccoli noodle casserole from Skinnytaste.  Hubby chose this one.

Until next time........Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Marsha :) The casserole looks like it'll be a good one! We're doing an eggplant stuffed ricotta thingy tonight on pasta.

    That arrangement is so pretty, the butterflies are lovely. Congrats on nearly getting everything done!

  2. I'm glad you're using roses for your mum; I never liked carnations as they have always reminded me as the go-to, funeral flower. I'm glad to read everything has been taken care of in regards to your mum's affairs. Do be vocal about your experience renting an AirBnB. I always wonder where do they put their stuff as strangers will be staying in their home.

  3. That casserole looks yummy!! Be sure to take the time you need to grieve ♥


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