Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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I said I wanted to have all of my mom's affairs done before the 1st of March and I did it with 2 days to spare.  I got the Bio/Obit sent to the Pastor and got straightened out a mix up with the flowers on the 26th.  Phew.........I can sit back and relax now and get busy with some sewing crafting I have been putting off.

Yesterday was one super busy day.  But, it was probably one of the most exciting days for me.  While hubby cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen I was able to get sooooo many bitty chores done that have been eating at me for months.  We received crosses for Christmas and I finally got them hung up.  I did some mending, organized some areas of the living room, cleaned off some cluttered surfaces etc.......  It felt so good to get those things completed.

Yet, the big thing yesterday was....................................we finally got our security screen door on our front entry.  I have wanted one for MANY years.

I am so in love with it.  We have looked at them several times.  I just finally found a company I was comfortable with.

Look at what else happened yesterday.....

See that wet stuff?  We got quite a bit of rain last night.  I absolutely love it when it rains.  

Today I ran out and did a little shopping at JoAnn's.  I am going to do some sewing in the next 2 days and needed some supplies for it.  Afterwards, I went to Costco and picked up the rest of my new glasses.  I got three pair this year.  I got my 'normal' everyday glasses, work station glasses, and prescription  sunglasses.  I have never done the sunglasses before and am so glad I finally did them.  What a difference they make when driving.

Time to go into my sewing/craft room and have some creative fun.

Until next time..............happy crafting!

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  1. Yay on taking care of business! I love your new security gate. It's like a gate to a magical world.


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