Wednesday, November 2, 2016


There is no  way the month of October is gone.  I guess this means I need to get cracking on those gifts that are due next month.  

Our weather here has finally cooled off.  We are now in the 80's for the highs and the mornings arein the mid 50's.  I will take it.  We will be turning off the A/C as soon as hubbys allergies settle down.  That will take a good rain which should happen this week yet.

My dog sitting ended Monday and now the house seems so quiet. My 2 dogs have been doing a lot of sleeping since their guests. Things went pretty smooth until Monday morning when a fight broke out between 3 of them. I broke that up quickly and sent them all into time out.  No bullies allowed in my house!

Yesterday, hubby and I became groupon people.  We heard you could get a Sam's Club membership for $25 dollars for a year.  we decided to go for it.  We have a Costco membership but each store has different items.  Once the membership was purchased, we took off for Sam's Club to see if there was anything we Had to have.  It had been over a year  since I  had been there so I went down EVERY aisle.  After 3.5 hours we were ready to check out.  It was a fun time and we did pick up a few things we needed and a few things we didn't need, but wanted.

After we got home, we spent the next hour vacuum sealing meat, and cranberries.  I love fresh cranberries and they had huge bags of them. We put them into 1 pound bags and now I have cranberries for quite a while.  We picked up a boneless pork loin and cut it into roasts and chops.  My hubby is great when it comes to that kind of thing.  We also got lean ground beef there and vacuum sealed that into 1 pound packages.  It does take time but well worth it for the prices they charge.

By this time it was time for dinner and since we missedlunch, we were pretty hungy.  I made a weight watcher baked zitiwith ground turkey.  I had made some homemade Artisan bread a couple days ago and it was perfect with it.  Super yummy meal.

Then I was off to a meeting for our Sunday teaching session at church.  I didnt get home until  10:30.  Hubby was a bit concerned as normally the meeting is over in about  2 hours max.  We got to chit chatting and time just flew by.

Today, Big Brothers Big Sisters came by and collected all the "stuff" I had cleaned out of my craft room.  There were 2 large boxes as well as 4, 33 gallon garbage bags full.  I can not tell you how freeing it is to get rid of so many material items from my life.  I truly want to get to a more simplistic lifestyle.  It is amazing how many things we hold on to thinking it will make us happy.  Letting all those things go hasmade me happier than I have been in ages.  Next stop is the kitchen.  Now that it has been remodled for a year, I will re-clean it out and give away all the things I haven't  used in a years time.  

Tonight is my  WW meeting.  Not expecting great things this week.  I have been good for the most part, but my water comsumption is down due to being out and about so much .   That's ok, I realize where my issue is and am making goals to correct it.

Tomorrow is a big day for me.  Something new, craft wise, is happening.  Stay tuned for an update.

Until next time...........Happy Crafting ! 

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