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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 18 YoP Update

 Hello everyone.

It has been a jammed packed week again.  I have gotten things done and feel accomplished.

I finally felt good and back to normal around Tuesday last week.  By Wednesday I had all my menus planned and grocery shopping was the top of my priorities for the day.  After that was done and everything was put away I took inventory of what I needed to do next.

The pedicure sock!  Last time I posted it was still about 2 inches from the heel turn.  By last night, it looked like this:

Done and ready to be gifted to it's owner on Christmas.  I was amazed at how much I could accomplish in just a few hours a night.  Yesterday morning, I looked at the sock and realized I only had 2 inches left before bind off.  I turned on a movie and completed it.  Felt really good to have another gift completed.  See the Ziploc baggie back there? That is how I make my project bags.  That way there is no doubt as to what that yarn is to be used for.  I can grab and go.

Now I need to get busy and complete the Azel.  I still have the yarn for 2 more Azels but am considering not doing them.  Nothing wrong with them, just don't thing the other two will wear them as they live here in the Arizona Desert and we just don't get that cold in the winter.  After all, we are still in the high 90's this week and might get down to the high 80's next week.  Do you know how hard it is to go Trick or Treating in a costume when it is 90 F outside?  Try it sometime................put on your Halloween costume in the middle of your heatwaves and try wearing it outside for about 4 hours.  Not fun.  Not to mention your chocolate candy turning into soup.

Oops, I digress.

Friday was Special Person's day at our local Grand Daughters School.  We got to spend a few hours with her that day and got to go to lunch with her before she had to be back at school for her play practise.  

This was taken just as we were leaving for lunch with her.  Now you can see why I am in Weight Watchers.  I seldom allow photos to be taken of me.

Speaking of Weight Watchers......................I am doing well.  I am still attending weekly meetings and my weight continues to decline.  In fact, yesterday, I was able to put on (comfortably) my smallest jeans that are in my closet!  I was pretty stoked about that.  I have been away from the gym for 2 weeks because of illness, but am heading back Monday morning.

I told my hubby that he had better pray for some cold weather in the next couple of weeks as I don't have any smaller jeans/pants in my closet.  If the weather turns cool enough, I have 8 pairs of LuLaRoe leggings in there that will work just fine until it gets too hot again for them.

Also this past week......................Our daughter and her husband headed to Tombstone for a wedding.  Yes, that is Tombstone as in the movies with Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp etc.  It is kind of a cool place to go and just hang out for a couple of days.  

Oops, once again I digress.

While they are gone, we agreed to take care of their two fur babies.

Meet Celeste.  The sweetest little dog other than my female dog.  You hardly even know she is around  She doesn't bark, whine, chew, or bother you for anything.  She is 8 pounds of pure Shih-Tzu sweetness.

Mr Guinness.................17 pounds of holy terror.  (I am laughing as I type this too)  He is still a puppy.  He will probably always be a puppy since he has some Jack Russell Terrier in him. He is very needy and insecure.  Wants to be close to a human at all times.  Loves to play, rough house, eat and go in and out of the doggie door 100 times a day.  He whined for about 30 minutes after his parents dropped him off and hasn't left my side since.

This is my little 8 pound Chi-Weenie Enrique.  Shortly after this shot was taken, Enrique decided he didn't want Guinness around the house anymore and a fight broke out.  I stopped that crap real quick.  Both dogs are in time out right now.  Bad Bad puppies.

Last but not least by a long shot.  Here is my sweet heart, Luna.  Luna is short for Lunatic.  She was named when we got her.  She is such a mild mannered dog.  She is Chihuahua and Miniature Pincer mix.  She is my old lady at almost 10 and weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds.

We will have our guest dogs until Monday.  Then the owners will be here to pick them up.  I have found out, the guest dogs like when I knit.  The clicking of the needles puts them right to sleep.  Guess I need to knit more for them.

Next week is once again jammed packed.  I have something scheduled EVERYDAY next week.  Some days I have 3-5 items scheduled.  I will be busy but I have something new that I am going to start next week.  Something crafty.  I will tell you all about it next weekend in that update.

Until then....................Happy Crafting!


  1. Glad you are feeling better....I was ill a good deal of October myself....not fine...wow..lots of dogs...hope they learned their lesson!

  2. Dressing in a costume is hot for me any time of the year. I can't imagine doing in those temps. Whew! And what a great picture of you and your husband and granddaughter! I'm camera shy too, for the most part (and for the same reason), but that really is a good picture - and you're a pretty lady!

    Reading about the dogs was pretty funny. Cute pictures and funny stories. What's better than that?!? Can't wait to see your new crafty project!

  3. Cute cute fur babies.
    Lovely picture of you and your husband and grand-daughter. You all look so happy. Special people indeed!

  4. Cute dogs--my sister has two dogs and wants another two. There is some discussion about if 4 dogs are too many but they are only 6 pounds each so honestly add them all together they are smaller than the dogs we grew up with.

    Good job on the weight watchers.

    And I love the pedicure socks. Do they have the little bit that goes between big toe? I am not sure what those are called but I think I need to make some for my kiddo.

  5. The socks look wonderful. Glad weight watchers is going well!!

  6. Well done on the weight loss, I'm sure keeping busy helps. Love the socks and looking forward to seeing what the new project is.

  7. Well done on the weight loss, I'm sure keeping busy helps. Love the socks and looking forward to seeing what the new project is.


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