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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A lovely Thursday Morning

Good morning everyone.  I am having a wonderful day today.  I have already been to my Rheumatologist and was given cudos for joining Weight Watchers and getting back to the gym.  My weight is down from my last visit as is my blood pressure.  Sure does make it all worth it.

I completed my yearly online training for Safe Environment through our Diocese.  I was supposed to have done this July 1, but could not figure out why I kept being told I was up to date.  Got that figured out this week and now I truly am up to date.  Now I can volunteer anywhere in my Parish I want to.

Yesterday I went to the Neurologist with my BFF to see if we can get her a diagnosis after 5 years of floundering around.  We are 99% certain she has MS but because she has only done open MRI's (severely claustrophobic) they really can not get a great picture of her lesions on her brain and spine.  So now, she is going to have a closed MRI under anesthesia.  This Neuro doesn't want to fool around like that past 4 have.

This afternoon, I will be going to visit my mom.  She has asked me to bring out french wire earrings for her to look at.  She really likes jewelry but hasn't been wearing it much.  I have taken out her studs, but they are too hard for her to put in.  I have about 15 pair of earrings to take to her today.  Hopefully there will be a few pair she likes and will wear.  I also need to take a small screwdriver out with me.  One of her drawer pulls is coming loose.  I will fix that too.

I don't know if you all remember, I talked about Portuguese knitting in this weeks YOP update.  I have a website for you, if you are interested.  I hold my yarn over my middle finger and it works well there too.  I also do not use a pin.  I have tried putting it around my neck and I have also made a magnetic 'pin' to use.  I don't like putting holes in my clothes.  I have also heard from one woman, she uses a vest to hook her knitting pin to and then never has to put holes in her good clothes.  She just carries the vest around with her in her project bag.

That's about all for today.  I need to go and get my dinner prepped so when I get back from my mom's, I can just put it all together and stick it in the oven.  We are having weight watchers chimichangas tonight.  YUMMY!

Until next time................................Happy Crafting.

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