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Monday, October 24, 2016

YoP Week 17 plus more!

Monday evening and I am finally getting around to updated my blog.  I wish I could have done it yesterday but..........................the flu decided it would be fun to come visit on Friday and it didn't leave until today.  I am all better now and back in action for my updated my blog.

Let's take a look and see if I did accomplish anything last week.

This is the second pedicure sock.  It is striping when I was hoping for twisted pooling.  Oh well, she doesn't like her socks to match and this one doesn't look anything like the other one.

And other than adding several rows to the Azel...................that is the extent of my crafting for the week. 

You're asking why?  Let me tell you why.........................

Monday's are always my day to go and visit my mom.  So the morning is used to do menial tasks around the house like laundry, cooking, cleaning etc.  Hubby had the evening off from school so we spent the evening together watching movies while I worked on the Azel.

Tuesday, I got my 11 yr old grand for the day.  She was on fall break and it was her dad's day to go into the office.  She and I went shopping for the clothes for her costume as the Cheshire cat in her school play next month.  After the shopping spree that took us to 3 stores we joined my hubby for lunch at the restaurant of her choice.  During lunch we got a phone call asking if she wanted to go to her best friends house for a play date for the rest of the day.  Off she went, of course.

After dropping her off, I went into my craft room and decided it was time to do a total clean out of all my yarn, patterns, crafting supplies, sewing supplies etc.  I had actually started a bit of it on Monday morning and was itching to get back to it.

Tuesday was also our 41st wedding anniversary and we went to a movie that evening and had a very nice time out of the house and away from phones and TV.  

Wednesday, I spent the whole day in the craft room again cleaning as well as Thursday morning.  That is the day I finished up.  I ended up with 2.5 13 gallon bags stuffed with yarn that is going to our prayer shawl ministry at church.  I got rid of all my knitting looms.  I found stuff in there to take to my mom that she is now enjoying looking at.  I found books that had been read and needed to be recycled.  I got rid of a metal cubical thingy and have informed the other person that lives in this house................that room is not the dumping room for when you don't know where to put something.  Right now, our new Christmas tree is in there waiting for it's plastic box to arrive so it can be put into our backroom without fear of bugs getting into it.  There are also Christmas gifts in there, but that is where we always store them.  Once Christmas is over..............the room is all mine again.

Friday afternoon I cam down with severe chills and a fever of 101 spiking to 103.  My body hurt everywhere and all I wanted to do was sleep and drink water.  And that is what I did until Sunday evening, when I finally felt like watching the last football game of the day with the hubby and he even cooked dinner for me.  Sometime in the night, the fever finally broke and I feel like a whole new person today.

Unfortunately, I am not able to take the flu shot because of my compromised immune system and the meds I am taking.  It can make me very sick.  I KNOW it is a dead virus, but I am just following Dr's orders.  So I rely on everyone else to get the shot.  Normally the flu season in Arizona isn't until January or February.  So this was a bit of shock to come down with this in October.  Hopefully, I am now done with that for the rest of my life.  It has been at least 20 years since I had the flu.

I am off to go and work on some knitting while the house is quiet.  Hubby is at school tonight and the doggies are sleeping.

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!


  1. Sorry you were so sick, Marsha! You relief at feeling better comes through very clearly. And how good for you that you were so productive before being knocked down! A streamlined and orderly craft room is a wonderful thing.

  2. Happy 41st!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!! So sorry to hear about the flu. I hope it stays far far far away from you from here on out!

  3. I came down with the same thing on Thursday. It was miserable!! Happy 41st -- that is wonderful. Here's to 41 more!

  4. I came down with the same thing on Thursday. It was miserable!! Happy 41st -- that is wonderful. Here's to 41 more!

  5. Sorry you were so ill, glad you feel better now though. Hope you had a great anniversary.

  6. Sorry you were so ill, glad you feel better now though. Hope you had a great anniversary.

  7. Glad you have recovered from the yacky flu. However happy 41st anniversary. Glad you managed to squeeze in knitting and I like the yarn you are using.

  8. So glad you are feeling better! I need to create my crafts room in the 2nd bedroom and actually I'm working on the porch but in doing so I was able to clear off the bookcases in the living room that are going in said crafts room. LOL! So, in a way I worked on mine too. LOL!
    I love the pedicure socks and I could have used them 'back in the day' when I used to do my nails. Now I'm just plain Jane but those sure are cute! I always love to hear about all you are doing as it is inspiring....especially the cleaning and clearing which it seems I spend most of my time doing! Have a great week!

  9. Sorry the flu came to visit and I am glad it is now gone! You had a great week and good for you for cleaning out the craft (mostly craft) room. The prayer shawl ministry is gonna love you!

  10. What a great anniversary to celebrate. Sorry the flu hit you; I hope you're better by now. How nice for your granddaughter to have a fall break. We only get spring besides the two weeks for winter holidays. I like your pedicure sock.


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