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Sunday, November 13, 2016

YoP update week 20..............no way!

Happy Sunday everyone.  It is beautiful here in Arizona.  We are in the high 70's today and the sun is out and we have a lovely breeze blowing through our home.

It has been a busy week for this household.  One of the busiest in a long long time.

First off I will talk about my crafting projects and then I will regale you with all the interesting things life has handed us.

But.................before I go much further I have to say............I had over 200 hits on my blog last week.  Amazing.  I got 8 comments out of those 200.  Really?  I am not asking you to write a book in the comments, but please say "hi" and let me know if you like what you are reading or not............Thanks.........Rant over.

Ok, on to hand made yumminess:

I started a new prayer shawl.  Although, this is actually going to be a lapghan.  It is the corner 2 corner version.  I am loving the strip interest in it.  Hopefully, it's recipient will feel the same way.  It is an easy crochet to do and is kind of my 'on the go" item right now.  Once it gets bigger, it will grounded to the house.

I started my Fodhla, designed by Ruth of Knitterarium.  A lovely group on Ravelry.  She designs such lovely shawls and other garments.  This is the first time I have knit with beads. In my list of YoP projects, for this year, it stated I wanted to do something new for me this year.  This is it. The yarn being used is Knit Picks Comfy Fingering yarn.  So soft and nice. Best of all......no wool to irritate me.

Take a look at the beads I am using:

They are #5 Miyuki triangular beads.  I got them from Fire Mountain Gems.  A great company with some of the fastest shipping I have ever had.

This is the best shot I could get of the lace with the beads:

It will get bigger if you click on it.  I am really enjoying this knit and it is not so hard that I can not do it while watching TV.

I started another shawl made with Cascade 220 (100% wool) but it is not big enough to even show you.  I will have enough done by next week to get a good shot of it.  I can only do about 4 rows a day before I start itching everywhere.

The Azel is 36 rows away from doing the bottom edging and then the turtle neck.  Looks the same, so no photo of that this week either.

Now I am going to let you know all about my week.\

Monday was quite other than my visit to my mom........WOOHOO

Tuesday, Hubby had a Dr appointment to find out what is up with his back .  He had been in an airplane crash about 38 years ago and had injury to his back.  It is now to the point where he is in constant pain.  The Dr sent him for xrays.

Wednesday, I went with my BFF to her Neurologist appointment.  We were relieved to hear she DOES NOT have MS!  She has a spinal cord compression in C5-C7.  This causes all the same symptoms as MS.  The real rub here is...........................she has had 16 MRI's in the past 5.5 years.  Every one of the MRI's talks about the spinal cord compression and yet, not ! of her previous 3 Neurologists every thought to consider this could be the issue.  Nope, they just kept throwing drugs down her throat, admitting her to the hospital and doing lumbar punctures, telling her she didn't have MS but they didn't know what she had.  SO frustrating for her and her entire family.  So, now she is getting scheduled to see a surgeon.

Also on Wednesday, we got the results of hubby's xrays........................he has degenerative disc disease and is being scheduled for and MRI on Tuesday this week.  We have no clue what can be done for it.  He has had steroid injections in the past and they didn't touch the pain.  He has been through PT and given exercises to help but it doesn't stop the pain either or the degeneration.  We will wait until the MRI is completed and find out what they advise us to do next.

Thursday, Prayer shawl ministry.....YEA!  Arthur came to visit me with a vengeance.  I could not understand why he showed up so quickly.  I went home a tried to figure it out when it hit me..............................my NSAID they sent looked different than the one I had been taking for the past 10 years.  I grabbed the bottle and sure enough..................a different manufacturer.  Called my insurance company and after over 6 hours on the phone for over 2 days time, I was issued my NSAID in the manufacturer of my choice.  I had this happen once before and found out, each company uses the correct amount of the working drug.  What is different is the binders and fillers that are used.  Some peoples bodies can not digest certain fillers and binders and therefore the working drug is never released into your system.  Oh Joy, huh.  Now mind you...................I had only taken the new drug ONE time. That is how sensitive my system is.

Friday, Getting ready for a BIG retreat on Saturday.  We set up that evening and then had a nice dinner with friends.

Saturday............................I have pictures.  We got to the church at 6 in the morning and did not get home until after 10:30 that evening.  But it was so much fun and we really feel so spiritually filled after one of these.  Although my body is not in agreement with my spirit.....It will get over it.

The lady on the left is the leader of the retreat.  The one on the right is my BFF.  The one that DOES NOT have MS.  See how much happier she is?

We don't stay inside all day.  We send the retreatants out for conversations with their sponsors.  (Sponsors walk the journey with the person that is wanting to become Catholic)

We feed everyone..................there is food all day long in the form of snacks and they have 3 meals on top of that.  Pretty sweet, since they do not have to pay for the retreat.

Our Priest Fr Rolyn loved the dinner so much, he was able to take a couple of plates home for him and Fr Scott.  Yes, he is always smiling and is one of the happiest priests I have ever met.  Love this man

Our son was asked to give a witness talk this year and he agreed.  He did a dynamite job too.  I am so proud of all my children.  This was kind of a shock for me.  This is the son that I could NEVER get to open up to me as a child.  Now we can not shut him up.  Love this man too.  (This is Josie's daddy)

We even had skits that we did.  That is me in the red top.  I was the assistant to the store owner.  It is a really cute skit but leads into a very serious and moving ending of the evening.

Today, we went to Mass, had a nice brunch, Other than me spilling my entire glass of water all over my food and me.  (Arthur is still hanging around a bit) and now we are home and I am getting ready to make our menus for the week and grocery list. Might even do some laundry.

Until next time..........................Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh someone will love the c2c for sure!!! Lots fun great projects going. Busy week indeed!!

  2. Wow, that was a busy week - the retreat sounds great (apart from Arthur). The prayer shawl is gorgeous, I love the colours and the beaded shawl is coming on a treat.

  3. Wow, that was a busy week - the retreat sounds great (apart from Arthur). The prayer shawl is gorgeous, I love the colours and the beaded shawl is coming on a treat.

  4. What an active church community you have. How fun for you all. I'm glad doctors were able to sort things out. I hope more can be done for your husband. Damn, plane crash? How scary!

  5. Yeah, that was exhausting. I'm tired reading it, partly because I'm tired anyway but nevermind that :)

  6. Your comments about visitors vs peeps who leave comments made me curious so I checked my stats. I won't share them here, but i find it most fascinating what days people visit my blog (not when I would have expected it, for sure).

    You are really dedicated to knit with a yarn that causes you to itch. Can't wait to see your Fodhla finished. It's such a pretty pattern.

    What a busy week! I hope your hubby gets some relief from his back pain. And your friend, too! Great pictures, btw. I especially love the one of the two ladies. :) They look like a lot of fun.

  7. Sometimes I visit quickly and realize that I don't have my thoughts organized yet about the comments I want to leave, or the time to read through a long post with the attention it deserves, So I come back later.

    I love the stripeyness of the lapghan. To me it looks like little whit caps on a choppy sea. I'm sure the recipient will love it.

    I'm glad you were able to figure out the medication issue quickly. The whole situation sounds incredibly frustrating.

    My DH has spinal compressions. The only things that have helped are stretching exercises, and supplements like glucosamine sulfate and cos liver oil to reduce inflammation.

  8. Boo for Arthur's visit, Yea for figuring out the problem with your meds. I hope they find something to ease your husband's pain, and I am very happy for your BFF.

  9. Wow! You did have a busy week! I love the C2C and I want to make another one but this one will be a couple pillows to match the throw i made for my daughter and her family. I love the colors in yours. I'm glad to hear your friend does not have ms but I would get several opinions before I let anyone touch my spine. But then it depends on how much pain your are in. So sorry about your husbands back problems and your trouble with your meds. I love your priest's smile...it's beautiful!

  10. What an eventful week xxx I love your new beautiful shawl pattern. Is it fiddly to knit with beads? It will look gorgeous when you finish it up. Xx

  11. You had a busy week! I haven't been to a day long retreat only long weekend ones or half day ones. A day sounds pretty ideal


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