Sunday, November 20, 2016

YoP week 21

Good day to you, my blogging buddies.  Another week has passed by in a whirl of productivity.  Fall has finally arrived here in the deserts of Arizona.  We stayed below 90 degrees all week and it was glorious.  I have actually shut off our A/C and the windows are opened.  I call it "blowing the stink" out of the house.  I felt the same way when we lived in areas that required us to turn our heat on for 6 months out of the year.  Of course, living in the desert with the windows opened means you have to dust every other day.  

Anyway............................I have had a pretty productive week.  I do not have any FO's but I did make progress on all 3 of the items I am working on with deadlines of next month.

First up:  Azel

Only 20 rows left before I do the bottom ribbing.  Then the neck needs completing.  I can not work on this too long.  The large needles and super bulky yarn hurts my hands.  I have switch over to 100% Portuguese knitting on this project.  It is the only way I can make any progress on it at all.

Second in line:  Stockinette Hug

This is the shawl I had just started last week.  I am using Cascade 220 for this project.  I obtained the wool (100% wool) from a friend moving out of state.  It is worked from the bottom up, so it is a bit difficult to take a really great picture of it.  Once the taupe yarn is depleted, I will be adding the gray taupe to the shawl.  It seems very scratchy to me and I am hoping it will soften up a bit after I give it a nice soak and block it.  But then, ALL wool seems scratchy to me.

Last on my list of 'have to get done' is the Fodhla shawl:

I have completed the increases as written but........I want this a bit deeper than this, so will continue increasing until I am satisfied with the depth of the back.  I am really enjoying this pattern and love adding the beads to it as I go.  Adding beads does slow it down a bit, but it well worth the time and efforts as it makes the shawl very luxurious.

I am still working on a C2C shawl for the prayer shawl group I am in.  I was going to make it a lapghan, but I do not have enough yarn to do that.  Therefore, it is going to be a triangular shawl.  One of the ladies there gave me some eyelash yarn to add to it for the edging.  It is really working up so nice and I will take a photo once it is completed and post it on my YoP.

I took a look at my YOP year 6 list the other day.  I had not looked at it since July and thought it would be a great idea to see how I am doing.


Baby Items:

Seamless Cable Booties - decided against theseCorner to Corner blanket - completed and gifted


Celtic Denim Sock
Hermiones Everyday Socks
Snoqualmie Socks
Car Socks
Pedicure Socks - completed and will gift for Christmas
Spring Tulips Socks
Scatterby Socks


Stockinette Hug - in progress


Boxy Top
Hubby Socks
Dive In Shawl
Log Cabin Afghan
Corner 2 Corner baby blanket - see above


4  Azel  (Matching sets for 2 mother/daughter teams) 1 done, 1 in progress and not sure about the other two.  Maybe for next year.  Time is running out


6-12 of them, varying patterns - 1 made

Other Items for the Year:

Test knits/crochet - test knit done
Try something new for me in knitting - putting beads on knitted item while knitting it
Photos of completed projects - been pretty good about this one, maybe missed 1 item
Give myself the right to change (add/delete) this list as needed - yuppers, this is happening

I still have lots project bags sitting in my craftroom.  Most of them are socks, as you can see.  As for my WIP's sitting in there.....................I think I should probably complete Hubby's socks first and then think about doing that log cabin afghan.  The dive in shawl will be worked on in Prayer shawl group once the C2C is completed.  We are not hurting for shawls right now and that one is going to take a bit of time to complete.  The boxy top..............Ya, I will get around to it.  It is for me so I am not in a panic about it.

So that wraps up my crafting week.  Today, I am going to start in on my Christmas baking.  Hubby bought me a wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer yesterday.  With that and my Kitchen Aid food processor, I am all set to get my baking/cooking on for the next few weeks.  

I will be taking one week off and going to Texas, as my son has to have bicep surgery.  His bicep is completely detached from his shoulder and it is causing him some issues.  His wife is stationed in another state and does not have enough leave to get back to him for this surgery.  He only has to be off work for 1 week, so I will go down and help out with some cooking, laundry, getting the kids where they need to go etc.  Not sure exactly when it will happen, but it will be in the next 2 weeks.  

Hubby and I have completed our Christmas shopping too.  Well, we have 2 more gifts to get, but know what and where they are.  Just have to make the trip there to get them.  I am so glad we did this early this year.  Especially since I will be gone for a week during the Christmas rush.  I did a lot of shopping on line this year and am glad for that.  Not to mention, the items I made for Christmas too.  

So that wraps up another YOP week.  I am off to make chex party mix and some scotch treats today.  Will work on my knitting during the down times.  I love multi-tasking.

Until next time..........................Happy Crafting!


  1. Just yesterday I was looking at Azel on Ravelry thinking that I know just the little girl for it ... but now that you've reminded my about super bulky yarn and giant needles I'm not so enthusiastic. I started a pillow sham in super bulky and have completely stalled. I HATE knitting it. I like the look but the knitting makes me tired!!!

    I hope the time with your son is not all work, but includes some playtime too! Should be fun to spend time with the grandkids too, right?

  2. Oh my Fodhla is gorgeous, it will be worth the time investment. And Azel is coming along nicely.

  3. Oh my Fodhla is gorgeous, it will be worth the time investment. And Azel is coming along nicely.

  4. Lots happening there I see. I hope your sons surgery goes well and that his recovery is fast. Enjoy your time in Texas and have fun with those littlies.

  5. Lovely projects, Marsha. The Fodhla is coming along nicely. While you're going to Texas to help take care of some things while your son is healing, I do hope you enjoy the time spent with him and the grands.

  6. You are progressing nicely on your projects :)

  7. Ooh! What are you baking? Great progress on your YOP WIP's. I hope everything goes smoothly for your son's surgery.

  8. Oh, and a Kitchen Aid mixer is one of the best investments you can make. I wanted one for ages and one Costco trip my husband calls me up to tell me it's on sale! I told him I wanted the red one and so he brought it home. I'm short so hand-mixing really takes a toll on my arms.

  9. I am sure you'll take some socks wips with you when you go to take care of things at your son's house. Best wishes for his speedy recovery.


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