Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mid week ramblings

Hump day................half way through a work week..............that is, if you work.  

Last night, I thought I would be super smart and turn on my self cleaning oven.  That way it could heat up during the coolest part of the day (night time) and be all done when I got up the next morning.  Perfect........................not so much.  At 4 this morning, I awoke to a consistent beeping noise.  The oven was done and needed to have the button pushed to turn it off.  Got up, turned off the oven, unlocked the oven door, went back to bed and could not go back to sleep.  UGH!

My lovely mind kept going over what I needed to do in the next three days.  It refused to go blank and let me sleep another 2 hours.  What did I do?  I got up, cleaned three bathrooms, swept and mopped the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, hallway and family room. The stove got wiped out from the ash on the bottom.

I had made my menus up for the next week and now I have a grocery list to go with it.  So after cleaning up, I will be off to the grocery store to complete my 'chores' for the day.  Maybe once that is done, I will be able to truly relax and enjoy the next couple of days.  My test knit is screaming at me. I have only done 2 rows on it since I arrived home from my trip. Needless to say, this is not normal for me.  Normally I manage to work for a couple of hours each day on my knitting.  Today, I will be able to do that.  All I have left to do is some laundry and that can be done throughout the next couple of days.  It is not a MAJOR issue.  There just might be a nap in my future today too.

We got rain last night.  Lots of rain!  It rained for a little over an hour and we managed to get almost 2 inches in that time.  Remember, I live in the desert, so rain is not an everyday occurrence for us.  Our yearly rainfall is about 7 inches.  My backyard started to flood, the pool water was up to the top of the pool, the street was flooded up to the top of the curbs and I loved every minute of it.  My dogs, are not fans of the thunder and there was some very loud thunder this time.  It actually shook the pictures on my walls one time.  

Time for me to get ready for the day.  LOL  Now that the house is all nice and clean, I am going to head out and complete all my errands for the day.  Hopefully, I will be all done with everything by noon and can then relax until further notice.

Have a great day!

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