Sunday, July 17, 2016


This has been a busy week for me.  And that is a good thing, as it has been busy in the fact, I have actually had time to do some knitting and crocheting.  If you follow my blog, you will know that there were a couple of days I could not do any crafting, thanks to my arthritis.  My family affectionately calls it 'Arthur', since he comes to visit, once in a while, and stays for a few days.

I know this is week three, and normally by this time there are finished objects on my blog. Not today.  I have devised a plan to be able to work on each of my main projects each day. Each one is given at least 30 minutes per day and more if time allows.  That means, I have 1.5 hours of crafting time daily.  Normally I have more time than that, but this is a minimum so I can start to see some progress.

I have photos of this weeks progress.  First up:

Azel.................You may be saying to yourself................that's where you were last week, Leftycrafter.  No, it's not, blogging buddies.  I measured this against "small blonde child's" clothes, that are in her closet here.  This was WAY too short to even cover the tails of her blouses.  So frogging I did go.  I went back to just before the neck opening and continued until I had used up the skein of yarn I had at that time.  It actually added about 4-5 inches more to it.  So, now I am well past the neck opening and it is pretty straight forward knitting from here out.  I try to do at least 5 rows a day on it.  The big needles (size 13 US) hurt my hands.

Next up:

Hubby's socks.  I know, it doesn't look like much, but trust me, these have been worked on each day.  I told you, TAAT slows me down quite a bit.  I actually have thought about putting them on DPNs to finish, but my tension is very different on DPNs then on magic loop.  So I will continue on.  Wonder if hubby would like a pair of no show socks for his sneakers.  LOL

The most progress was on:

The C2C blanket.  I have started the decrease and can see where, the main body of the blanket will be completed shortly.  Then on to the border.  When it is completed, it should be about 36" square.  I think that is a nice size for a baby.

On Friday, hubby and I went to a wedding.  When we walked in, I noticed one of our Deacon's wife knitting.  I knew she knit prayer shawls for our cancer ministry at our Parish and she has invited me to join several times.  I decided we should sit next to her so we could chit chat before the wedding started.  She informed me they were begging for men's shawls.  They actually have a waiting list of men needing prayer shawls.  She asked me again to join the group.  I told her I was pretty booked until after the first week of August. Then she did the one thing I could not deny....................she asked if I could find some spare time in my day to work on shawls at home.  Well....................ya................I could squeeze in some extra crafting time to do God's work.  

After the wedding we came home and I went stash diving.  My mind was whirling around thinking I would need to go and buy some yarn.  The church has yarn there and they told me I could come and get some if I needed it.  Stash diving proved fruitful...............I have quite a bit of 'male' colored yarn.  So instead of having a FO, I have a new project on my hook:

This is all further I have gotten on it.  But then I only worked on it for about 30 minutes Friday night.  I didn't touch it at all yesterday as I was learning how to decrease my C2C and by the time I learned that, it was time to get ready for Mass.  I love to crochet shawls, as my crochet is much faster than my knitting.  I will be knitting shawls for myself and my mom this year, but when someone says they are in dire need of a shawl................out comes my hook. I am hoping to have this done in a couple of weeks.  Hubby and I have a couple of trips coming up and this pattern is very easy to remember, so this will be my traveling project.  Well, this and socks.

Did you notice anything different?  The last project is NOT purple.  I had many comments last week wondering if I had planned on all the purple projects.  Not really.  In fact, I have one more purple Azel to do and then a forest green one and a gray one.  Of the socks I have planned, none are purple.  So, the purple you see, is the last of the purple projects for this YOP.

On Friday evening, I also did a bit of ordering for a project I am so looking forward too.  I have one of Ruth's patterns called Fodhla.  I have had my eye on this pattern for some time and I now have it and have ordered the yarn and the beads for it.  I have never put beads on an item before, so this will be my "learn something new" for this year's YOP.  Once the new items come in, I will post pictures of what I purchased..............................No, it is not purple. Infact, it is black.  But the beads will make it pop!

Ok, this is long enough.  Now you all know why I post more than once a week.  Do you know how long this would be if it was my only post of the week?  

So, until next time..............Happy Crafting!


  1. Hope Arthur stays away for a good while.
    Your projects are coming along nicely. Its great that you are going to to be able to help out with the shawls for your church. It is always so nice when we can take a skill and help others. I love purple projects!!

  2. I too, hope Arthur stays away for a while. All your projects are lovely. You will love Fodhla and beading. Ruth's patterns are so well written this is a great first beading pattern.

  3. I too, hope Arthur stays away for a while. All your projects are lovely. You will love Fodhla and beading. Ruth's patterns are so well written this is a great first beading pattern.

  4. You have been very productive :) I have been trying to persuade my husband to let me knit him a pair of socks but he absolutely point blank refuses. I don't know why ;) lol The Fodhla looks really pretty, will look forward to seeing your progress with that and well done with your charity knitting. Leah x

  5. I shall now attempt to cull you calling your arthritis "Arthur," for that is the name of Little Man and now I'm going to forever wonder if my 5 year old is sneaking off to hang out with you when I'm not looking. He would. He's kind of a booger that way.

    Also, boo for not crafting and yay for when you got to! And you're a saint for making your husband socks. Mine is so hard on his regular socks that I don't think he could handle handknit ones. Oh well. Too bad for him, more socks for me!

  6. I'm sorry about Arthur's visit and hope he finds other things to do. You are working very hard with these projects. I didn't know there was a need for male prayer shawls. How interesting.

  7. Gotta admire your friend's persistence. lol She gets right to the point. I look forward to being inspired by the man shawl(s) you create. I have no doubt there is a need. I think it's really cool, too, that the church keeps yarn in storage (for their prayer shawl ministry, no doubt). What a great idea. As usual, you inspire me, Marsha.

  8. I love the there an Adult size? Love the purple socks. I find that the bigger the yarn the harder it is on my hands. Bulky yarn is definitely hard for me ie; I can feel it the next day or even at the time and can't just keep crocheting but no problem with smaller yarns. Are the prayer shawls really shawls or lap blankets? Or both? How wonderful to be 'called'. The C2C blanket is the best pattern! I loved it and never got tired of working on it. I really like your crochet pattern for the men too.
    I also love the allocation of time to each project...great idea! I think I might do that AFTER my company goes home. Everything now is AC (after company)lol! Have a great week!

    1. The Azel pattern goes from size 2T to XXL. It is made with super bulky (6) yarn. Thank goodness it works up quickly lol.

  9. Azel is looking good, as are the purple socks. You are past the half way mark on the c2c, well done, it will go very quickly from here on.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Fodhla project.

  10. Hope Arthur stays away for a good while. Love your projects and what a wonderful thing to do for your church. I like thew idea of giving a set time to each project.

  11. Oh I do so hope Arthur goes away, he's spent enough time with you already. Great idea on working on each project daily. Both progress and crafting time will be achieved. I really can't wait to see your yarn and beads for Fodhla, I will pop you a pm with a link for how I attach beads and you can go from there with things, do ask though if you have any questions. I'm smiling at your friends "get around" and I'm sure your male prayer shawls will be loved!

  12. That is interesting about knitting prayer shawls for men. Never thought about it before, but, of course, they would want something more male looking.
    Bye bye to Arthur. Tell him he is not welcome anymore!

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  14. I love the fuchsia of the husbands socks {at least it looks fuchsia on my monitor} and I wish I could knit an hour and a half. I am lucky to fit in half an hour these days.

  15. Love Ruth's patterns ;)
    They are amazing.

    Working on each project each day it a great strategy... I am thinking I may need to adopt it ;)

  16. I like your strategy for working on each project a set amount of time. The prayer shawl for men is a great idea. How sad I never even thought about ones for them. All of your projects are lovely. I hope your arthritis isn't as bad this week.

  17. I like your plan for getting something done on each project each day! I tip my hat to you doing TTAT socks--I tried that once....did you notice I said "once"? :) I hope your arthritis goes on a sabbatical for a long while--no one has time for that nonsense! Hoping you have had a great week--

  18. Bless you for deciding to help out. I know you will be happy you did. I used to have a project linus chapter and most of the time you don't see the kids who get the blankets but I did see a few and that was enough. It really warms your heart to know there are people truly in need of what you can make. I hope Arthur stays away from your house and Mr. Fibro stays away from mine.


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