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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Reading

Hello family and friends.  I hope your week is going well for you.  I have been enjoying a bit of down time this week.  I actually have it planned into my bullet journal.  In the morning, I am getting all my household chores done and out of the way for the day while it is still 'cool' outside.  That is, if you consider 94 degrees at 10 am cool.

That gives me my time after lunch to have free time to do what I want.  Here is what has happened so far.

Monday this week, I spent the afternoon with my mom.  We work on jigsaw puzzles and talk about mom daughter stuff.  It is a nice time and we both enjoy this time we have together. This week, she handed me her Kindle and asked me to load more books on it for her.  So after I got home from our visit, I loaded 14 books on it. Hopefully, that will keep her for a couple of weeks.  She is a very avid reader and loves just about any kind of book she can get her hands on.  So, it is pretty easy for me to load her kindle with books.

Tuesday morning, hubby and I made it to the grocery store.  It was not a very pleasant day for me though.  I didn't sleep well the night before and when I finally got up, my Rheumatoid Arthritis was in full on flare up mode.  So, after the store, I parked my behind into my chair and knitted away for the rest of the afternoon.  I know, you would think that knitting would be horrible for me, but in my case, knitting actually helps relieve the pain in my hands.  That is why I try and knit or crochet daily.  (note:  I did not knit or crochet on Monday at all.  OOPS)

Today, I had to finish a book I started yesterday.

I loved it.  It was a bit different from her other books that she has written.  Yes, there was still romance in it, but..........the story line never really revolved around the romance, but rather a woman rising out of ashes to make a wonderful life for herself and her daughter.

Now, I have to decide what to read next.  This is what I have to choose from so far:

I am thinking of going for the second one down.  I know you can hardly see the title.  It is:  "Anne Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral" by Kris Radish.  It sounds like it might have a bit of humor in it and since I normally only read upon retiring for the night.............humor would be a plus.

I have also knitted AND crocheted today.  I have worked on all three of my projects that have time lines wrapped around them.  I did discover one thing that amazed me..........working with large knitting needles actually makes my hands very sore!  I would have thought it would be relaxing for them.  I know..............I'm weird.

Hubby is at church tonight so I am going to make some tuna salad so he can have a ncie sandwich when he comes home tonight.  It is just too blasted hot to cook.  Today is the first day under 110 in about a week.  But it still got to 109.  I will say though, the humidity has disappeared so it is a dry heat, but it is still brutally hot!

Off I go to make some tuna for me and hubs

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!


  1. Free/down time is always needed. That's great you could load up so many books for your mom. Great job getting knitting and crochet done!! Hope it cools off soon for you!

  2. I've yet to read a Debbie MacComber book - this one sounds very good. I enjoy reading about your day(s), Marsha. While my mom is gone (23 years now) I know we would have a good relationship if she were still living. I can imagine it (vicariously) through your mentions of time spent with you mom. You're making sweet memories for both of you in these everyday kind of things you do with and for her.


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