Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Midweek wonderings

The past couple of days have been busy.  Hubby and I are trying to get the room we remodeled arranged so our Grand Daughter can have her birthday pool party at our house.  We can not do too much to it as it still needs to be inspected and that won't happen for a few more weeks.

Monday was spent throwing out and moving stuff around in the remodeled room.  I just love throwing stuff away.  It makes my feel so free and light.  If it was my choice, there would have been much more tossed out the door.

That evening, the C2C blanket was my main item to work on.  I also worked on the man shawl and got another several inches completed on that.

Tuesday we worked a bit more on the room but I could not work too long on it as that is one of my days to go and visit my mom in the early afternoon.  After I departed from my mom's, I headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up yarn for the edging of my C2C.  After dinner that evening, I completed the main body of the C2C and started on the edging.  I am so excited to complete it.

Today, I went into some of my Ravelry groups, just to catch up on what everyone was up to.  I noticed that Celtic Knits had a new pattern out to test.  I've seen snippits of it on her blog and have been fascinated with it the whole time.  I went stash diving and found several skeins of the proper weight yarn.  The issue was, I was going to be few yards shy of what was called for in the test knit.

So..................................I had a hair appointment this morning and while sitting there getting my head massaged and hair cut, I started thinking.  No problem, I will just head out to the LYS in my area and pick up some of the required materials.  I went to 2 LYS, Michael's, Joann's and Hobby Lobby with no luck.  No one had non-wool lace weight yarn.  Ok, I will take that back.  One of the LYS had 2 skeins of silk lace weight yarn to the tune of $60 each and I would have needed both skeins.  (that yarn is still there)  I could have ordered some, but the chances of it getting to me before hubby and I took off for vacation were slim to none.  After 3 hours of scouring the valley, I gave up, went home, private messaged the designer and informed her of the problem.  Seems, that will not be as big of a problem as I thought it would be.  So I am in the test knit.  WOOHOO!

It has been a couple of years since I have done a test knit.  I love doing them.  I admire anyone that can visualize something in their head and make it happen with their needles or hooks.

While I was going in and out of all these stores, I noticed one thing..............all of the 'craft stores' have the yarn in the VERY back of the store.  I know knitting and crocheting is considered a sedentary craft, but is jewelry making, flower arranging, scrap booking and all of those are towards the front of the store. Just a little thing to look at the next time you go to a craft store.  That is one of the reasons I love my LYS.......yarn from front to back!

So, hubby is off this evening to help out at church tonight.  I have a few hours to myself and in that time, I will be working on the C2C border.  I would like to be done with it by Friday.  I am on row 3 of 11 so there is a good chance that will happen.

Right now, I am off to empty the dishwasher and put our dinner into our magic cooker.  Then back to the C2C edging.

Until next time......................Happy Crafting


  1. I love throwing things out!!! We are getting ready to clean out a room that has been storage to turn into a bedroom for my daughter who is moving here for grad school. Can't wait to throw tons of stuff away!!!

    I don't get why the yarn is at the back :(

    Good luck with your border!

  2. I need you to come and help me throw things out! LOL! I am a saver but I am getting better. The C2C's go fast and are so great for t.v. watching aren't they? We don't have any yarn stores anywhere around here so I can only order online. My kids are coming for their birthday parties at the lake and in this heat they will need it to stay cool. I've been cleaning and clearing out but some days it seems like I just move it from one room to another! LOL! So glad you got to join the test knit after all that running around. TTYL!


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