Sunday, July 29, 2012

Progress the hard way

  I did  make progress this week.  It was not the way I would have liked to do it.  I ended up taking 2.5 days off work with a nasty case of bronchitis.  As we all know there is NOTHING on the TV during the day so there really was not much that I could do, with out having coughing spasms, other than work on some fibery goodness.

First off..................I worked quite a bit on my color affection shawl.

I was not sure I was going to like the colors in it but it is growing on me now.  I am more than half way through the second part of the shawl and am looking forward to getting that done and on to the third part (which is the end of it)  I did it all in sock yarn and really am glad that went ahead and chose one of the variegated yarns to put in it.  Next time I am considering just using nothing but variegated for the whole thing.  I have several variegated that complement each other and some of you have suggested trying that.

There is a little girl that has just received her first American Girl Doll.  (this would be my grand daughter)  Her birthday is this coming Wednesday and since she really is not in 'need' of anything I decided to crochet up some clothes for said doll.  This is my first time at doing doll clothes and am loving it.  They are quick and easy to do.  This is a red dress that is still in progress and may have to frogged as it seems to be a bit large for the doll.  It is Red Heart Shimmer yarn and since it is raining outside I had to take indoor photos of it.  But this is a very faint gold thread that runs through the entire yarn.  I am also going to make a shawl, hat, purse and shoes to go with it out of the white shimmer yarn.

This is just a little bolero for the doll.  It is made out of Rowan cotton DK weight.  It was the first piece I tried.  I need to get buttons for it yet and then it will be done.

Gotta love baby pompadour yarn with it's shimmer in it.  This is a skirt for the doll.

Here is a top and skirt out of baby weight yarn.

I am not looking forward to frogging the red dress but since it is suppose to be a party dress for the doll I want it to fit very nicely.  I only spent about 3 hours on it already and most of that was trying to decipher instructions.  I finally gave up and just went with what I wanted it to look like and dumped the pattern and made my own from a combination of several put together.

I am feeling much better now and am looking forward to today which is our family day.  I have some cooking to do for it but it is always an enjoyable day for all of us.  Today is also a special day that I can not disclose yet but stay tuned this week for an update. (and more photos)

Happy Crafting!


  1. I think your granddaughter is going to love those dolls clothes, what a great present to get !

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Your granddaughter is one lucky girl. I still have the clothes my nana made for my dolls when I was young.

  3. How fun - I think your GD is going to love the doll clothes. She may not "need" them but I'm sure she's going to want them and enjoy them!

  4. Love the dolls clothes idea....I know how much I enjoyed changing my dolls outfits when I was a kid....I better you'll be very popular!

  5. I am sure you GD will love this cloth, I still remember with affection when my aunt has done for my doll when I was a child. She tried too to teach me to knit, but did not work at this time.

  6. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. The doll clothes are so cute!

  7. Bronchitis is tough, and those doll clothes are going to go over big as mom will love all the quiet time while gd tries the different outfits...

  8. So sorry you were under the weather but glad you got some stitching done at least. Your shawl is gorgeous and the the doll clothes are too cute. She will love them.

  9. Hope you are on the mend now! Your shawl is fantastic and I am in awe of it - I hope to be able to do something like that in the distant future!

    The doll clothes are so sweet and your granddaughter will love them - she will have the best dressed dolly in the world.

  10. Those doll clothes are so cute, your granddaughter will love them!

  11. when I was little my babysitter made my barbie doll an entire wardrobe I still have. Your GD will love them.


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