Sunday, July 8, 2012

YoP part two

I really need to get the YoP 2 banner for my blog but since I just got home last night from a nice vacation I have not had the time to go in and find it and load it to my pictures.  I promise by next week I will get that taken care of.

Any who......................I have had lots of people asking about the blooming pillows.  I got the pattern from Attic 24.  It is a fun pillow to make and you can use what ever colors strike your fancy.  Here is a picture of the ones I just finished and left back at the home of where we were staying for our vacation.

These match an afghan I made for them for Christmas.  The white is really pretty and since photos don't always show up the detail I will tell you that it is laced with gold metallic thread.

I have been working on my color affection shawl and have discovered that knitting and falling asleep do not go together.  I had to frog 10 rows of it because I had somehow made a wonderful hole in the middle of the shawl.  I am just about back to where I was when I made my little boo-boo and am still loving working on it.  I have heard a lot of people say that they can not stand doing this shawl because it is too much garter stitch.  But I find that soothing and relaxing.  It is an easy thing to do while talking to people or watching TV.

I have also finished the front of my next blooming pillow.  So I have one more front and 2 backs to do and those will be done. 

Today I will be counting all my sock yarn and my cotton yarns and will have a count of that for next weeks post.  I would have done that last night but I could have cared less about anything after flying for several hours, grocery shopping and unpacking our 3 suitcases.  I will have plenty of time for that later today while doing laundry and getting all my fruits and veggies cleaned for the next week of meals.

So until next week.........................

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love your festive blooming pillows :) Such a great pattern! I hope your vacation was fantastic!

  2. Love those pillows and the colours are gorgeous, looking forward to seeing more of them.

  3. Attic24 is great. I have a WIP pattern from her..

    DH is a lefty and it is always a pain in.. err... diff... err.. interesting time when we have to work on a project together. whenever I try to think from a left's generally chaos..

  4. ooh bloomin' pillows...i am in awe of the color combos people come up with. such a nice pop of color! hope color affection is nice to you this week!

  5. Beautiful cushions! I hope you had a good holiday and that the unpacking and laundry is going smoothly.

    I love the look of Colour Affection but always want to call it "Colour Affliction" after reading a Yarn Harlot blog post about it.

  6. Cute pattern for the blooming pillows. I wouldn't have the energy to inventory my sock yarn stash after a day like that either!

  7. Those flower pillows just pop! I really like the red and white--such a great gift to give. It sounds like after today you will be ready for a rest--traveling can sure take it out of us sometimes.
    *smiles & cheers sent to you*

  8. I made 2 color affection shawls last month - I think it's a great pattern.

    Your cushions look great in the two colours.

    Hope you have a great week

  9. I love your blooming pillows. I've only seen them in rainbow colorways, and I love yours in two colors.

  10. Beautiful cushions, I'll bet they look great with the gold!

  11. I agree with the above commenters, the cushions look great in two colours.


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