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Monday, July 2, 2012

YoP 2 List

Please bear with me as I am not at my normal computer.  I don't have access to my photos so this post may be a bit boring for the photo loving folks.

Also, I am a day late (OH NO!) in putting up my list for year 2.  I really had a very hard time deciding on how I wanted to make my list and I still am not sure I like how I have it.  But here is what I have for my goal for the next 365 days.

Year Of Projects 2012-2013

Use up all cotton yarn for dishcloths  (I will give a count of how much cotton yarn is there when I return to my home base)
Complete 3 project bags (I have several bags labeled with the project they are to become)
Complete LaLa Shawl
Complete Comfort Cancer ribbon shawl
Complete Color Affection Shawl
Frilly scarf
2 blooming pillows
Use up 1/2 of sock yarn (Again will give count when I return home)

If I can complete all of the above I will be very happy.  Christmas gifts are included in the above list so some of this will be completed before the end of the year.

I do want you to know that I did complete the blooming pillows I was working on last week.  They have been 'stuffed' and given to my DIL in Texas.  She loves them.  I will have pictures of them next week also.  I am still working on my color affection shawl.  It is kind of slow going since there are well over 200 stitches now on my needles.  I am still in phase II of the shawl but still am enjoying the pattern.

Off to work one of my YoP's.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Can't wait to see your blooming pillows pictures next week! I want to eventually do a color affection shawl but I need to stash bust on smaller things first :-P Good luck on your list this year!

  2. Good list Marsha and can't wait to see some of those shawls. I like the idea of completeing your project bags. I think if you don't like your list much you can always tweak it round and add and subtract, it sometimes takes a while to nail down exactly what you want to do.

  3. Sounds awesome. I can't tell you how many lists have the color affection shawl listed. Gees...I really need to take another look at that. I can imagine how long it takes to do a row, as my current afghan is a 110 or 120 cast on (can't remember off the top of my head)...a row takes some time. Best of luck to you as we all embark on our mission of year 2.

  4. What is a blooming pillow??? can't wait to see it. Good luck on the projects for the upcoming year...

  5. I'd like to see a blooming pillow too! This is my first year joining and I'm still trying to make my list! Good luck on your projects and have fun!!

  6. I love making dishcloths. What a great use for your cotton stash yarn.

  7. That list works for me - it gives you a framework of what you want to do and where you want to direct your focus. I can't wait to see/hear how much or how little sock yarn you have - it'll give me a yardstick to evaluate my stash :)

  8. Great list .. Have fun with all those dishcloths. Your pillow sounds interesting - like the others, I'm looking forward to the pic. xoxox

  9. Good idea to use up your yarn, then you can buy all new for next year!

  10. looking forward to seeing your pictures and your accomplishments! great list!

  11. I think your plan is solid. I think many of us are trying to stash bust this year. I know I have to use up some of the stash as it is becoming the thing that ate my closet, and is creeping down the hall.

    I'm also interested to see the blooming pillows.


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