YOP LIST 2024-2025

Sunday, June 23, 2024

WEEK 52!!!


Once again we are coming to the close of the YOP year.  This is year 13 and this week will be my last progress report. (maybe)  Next week I will be doing a recap of the past year.

I was home more this week.  No hospital for me this week!  I seem to be doing well on my new meds although they are making me quite tired and fatigued.  I have found myself falling asleep while knitting which is not always a very good thing.  Here is my week in review.

Monday - we had visits from our daughter and Josie.  Dinner was out with our BFFs to celebrate all of our June birthdays.

Tuesday - Got some laundry done and took Josh to his therapy appointment.

Wednesday - More laundry and then off to Josh's house to learn more about his optune device and the best way for him to make it more comfortable during our hot months.

Thursday - Back to Josh's to help our with Thor while the pool guy was there doing work on the pool pump.  Got bloodwork, menus and grocery list done too.

Friday - Off to Josh's again to manhandle Thor when the pest control guy sprayed outside for critters.  Josh had an eye appointment so could not be there.  I also stopped on the way home and got groceries, gas, water and hubby's meds.

Saturday - Food Bank pick up for our church and Mass.

So, maybe I was gone from home more than I thought LOL.  But I did get more done on the shawl.

I am just about ready to start the decreasing rows.  I am still enjoying working on this while watching TV.

I am doing another little side project.

I finally ordered bobbins for my embroidery floss that is being used in my two cross stitch projects.  I will keep the baggie system as it does keep the floss clean but having wound up nice and neat is very much appreciated.

Speaking of cross stitch projects.....................

I mentioned this cross stitch back in August.  Well, about a month ago, I decided I would love to get it all set up so I could work on it.  I searched all over my craft room and could not find it.  Even my husband helped me look throughout the entire house.  Then I had a horrible thought.........I had cleaned out my craftroom and had sent a huge box to GoodWill.  I was devastated.  Then about 2 weeks ago, I got a call from my daughter informing me she found this in her bedroom!  We both thought she had already given it to me.  So, as of Monday, this week, I received this marvelous cross stitch.  I immediately separated the floss colors and discovered 5 missing colors.  I ordered them as well as the bobbins so I could get all organized and able to work on both of my Madonna cross stitches.

So, for the rest of today, I will be wrapping, bagging and tagging all my flosses for my two cross stitch projects I would like to work on.  

Next week I see my cardiologist and I have a whole list of questions for her.  Yes, I am one of those old ladies that writes out her questions so I can get all answers during my visit.  I use to work in a geriatrics office and I swore I would never do that.  Never say never.  

Here are a couple of chuckles for you today.

Until Next Time...............Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a blessing that you live so close to your son and can help when needed. I love the funnies you always include.
    I finished my first pair of Rose City Rollers and have immediately cast on another pair. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern information. The finished pair will be on the blog on Saturday but have already been on my instagram and Ravelry pages (same username: nypeapod).

  2. Love your funnies - always make me laugh. I can't even imagine to have the patience to cross stitch. I did one of the kits with the picture already printed on the canvas 35 years ago. Uh, safe to say it was also the last one I did. So big congratulations to you. My life is post-it-notes so yes, I have to write down questions before I see a doctor. Course, I love that now I can email doctors with my questions via MyChart.

  3. Phew! I’m glad your cross stitch projects have been found. Sounds like you’ll be all set up for working on this in YOP14. I’m so glad you are continuing in the group, I find the blogger posts hard to get notifications from when people post and miss people like Sam who don’t share their links any more. I once went to my liver specialist with a dozen questions written out and was armed with a pen for answers. I haven’t seen him for many years as reducing dairy has mostly solved my liver issues.

  4. It's so nice you can go there quickly to help out! Glad you are doing well and I hope the tiredness eases up eventually!!

  5. Glad you're doing well, Marsha. I thought taking a list and notepad to the doctor's office was the smart thing to do. Do people like us get talked about? If so, why? I LOL at both of your funnies above. Thanks for the laughs.


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