YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, June 4, 2023



Hey there.  How are things at your place?  It is mighty quiet at mine today.  That is not a bad thing since this past week was filled with so much busyness.  Kind of nice to have a quiet day without much on my to do list.

As for my crafting this week...........Once again, it was pitiful

My shawl has seen 3 rows added to it.  That is sad, isn't it.  It is just too large to take with me when I am out and about.  So, I cast on a RCR sock to give me a portable project that I do not need instructions for.  It did not get much love other than the day I went to get my car serviced.  I was just too darn busy this week.

Here is what kept me busy most of the time:

These three cuties.  I was on dog duty twice a day for 8 days, to feed and love on these guys while their owners were attending a family funeral.  They are good dogs but sure were missing their owners.  I tried to knit while being there but............these guys have never been around needles and yarn.  No respect for either.  So, no knitting while being there 2-3 hours each day.

Speaking of missing an owner.  Here is what Enrique does when I leave the house.

So pathetic.  He will stay there for quite a while and then move to the love seat and lay his head on the arm of that so he can continue to watch the back door.  He gives me so much love when I come in too.  Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

This next week looks so much calmer.  Other than taking my DIL to an appointment on Friday, I do not have anything unusual happening.  YAY!  Hubby returns home this afternoon after his 4 day conference he attended.  Yes siree............back to normal.

Until Next Time...................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My son is doing dog sitting this weekend at our home. We are enjoying the extra dog. Such a cutie. My son is getting to see the benefits of a playmate for their dog while also recoginizing the demand on his attention. The new dog is a puppy so has to be taken outside frequently for potty breaks.

  2. Oh, they are all so cute and Enrique....waiting for Mom to come home. I keep saying I am going to make some RCR but I am going to look for an acrylic sock yarn if there is any so I can throw them in the washer and dryer. I know what you mean....spring/summer is a busy time! Enjoy the coming week!

  3. Liz here…being busy with other stuff is good too and I don’t mind if you’ve only knit one row. I cast on another pair of RCR today, it’s just such a mindless pattern. In my head I’m thinking they’ll be a “when I’m waiting in the car” project, but I may just finish them though in the house 😂 That’s cute him waiting for you like that. When we’ve tried to leave Ylva she pees on the spare bed and if I leave her in the garden and record her through the window on my iPad whilst I nip to the shop she howls constantly…so basically we try to never leave her. It’s good Enrique will just wait patiently for your happy return.

  4. hopefully you will have more knitting time soon! Frodo sits on the couch and sleeps while I am gone then wakes up when I come back :)


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