Sunday, February 5, 2023



Greetings!  Here is a look into my past week.

The 'To The Point' prayer shawl is completed.

It took much longer than my normal time to complete this thanks to my 'cold'.  I kept falling asleep while working on it.  Then, when I woke up I would need to rip back a bit to fix my 'sleep' crochet mistakes.  It still needs it medal and tag sewn on for the church ministry.  I will do that after I complete a couple more shawls for them.  Then I just make an assembly line and do them all at the same time.

The only other project to be worked on were hubby's RCR socks.

The heel has been turned and I am a third of the way done with the foot.  I was mistaken, last week, when I said this was DK yarn.  It actually is fingering weight in superwash merino.  I finally found the info on the project I had made with this before it was completely frogged and turned into socks.  It is not a very soft merino though.  But that probably is for the best as it should wear well then.  I am not noticing much of a gauge difference between my 2.5mm and 2.25mm needles.  I was really hoping for a denser material but it looks almost exactly the same.  If that is the case, then that means, I have four sets of DPN's to knit socks on!  So I can do a pair for him and a pair for me at the same time.  WOOHOO!

I was pretty much down and out most of the week.  I finally felt like I was going to live Friday.  That worked out well because hubby came down with it that day!  He is feeling exactly the way I did.  I told him if his ear started to ache we were going to the Dr right away!

Speaking of ears.................Many of you said you had never heard of a cold affecting an ear.  Well, since it started in my head and moved to my chest, the infection was still in my head and sinuses.  But because I was coughing so much and so hard, I really didn't realize it was in both places.  So, the sinuses got inflamed and moved that lovely inflammation into my right ear and BAM!  There goes the rupturing of an ear drum.

I am still unable to hear out of that ear.  The drainage from the ear finally stopped yesterday.  My equilibrium is a bit off so I need to be careful and mindful when walking.  I have an appointment with an ENT on Tuesday this week.  Hopefully there will be some good news there.  Although, I have found one advantage to loosing hearing in one ear........If I sleep on my good ear I am unable to hear my hubby or dogs snore!  

Even with being under the weather, I still managed to do all the laundry chores, bake bread, cook nightly meals, get a haircut, make menus, make a grocery list and go to the grocery store as well as both big box stores.  Granted, all the out of the house activity was done Friday or Saturday.  I refused to go out and pass this on to others until I had no more symptoms.

I am so thankful for my knitting/crocheting projects.  They helped keep me from going stir crazy.  I was fortunate too that hubby made sure I had everything I needed/wanted while I was in the worse part of my illness.  So, now I am returning the favor to him.

Let me just brag a bit.  Our weather here is gorgeous!  We are in the low 70's with tons of sunshine.  It felt so good to be outdoors yesterday soaking up the lovely sun and gentle breeze.  Today should be more of the same.  I think this calls for me to wipe down my front porch rocking chairs and sit and knit or read outdoors for a while today while hubby naps. 

I will leave you with this........................................

 Enrique curled up in my lap last night.  This is not a normal occurrence.  He usually sits next to me, never really on me.  It was so cute.

Until Next Time.............Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your prayer shawl and hubby's socks look great .I'm so glad you are starting to feel better, even if you have had the unexpected quiet sleep arrangements.

  2. I think we share similar weather. It is a joy to be able to sip coffee or tea on our lanai much of the day while knitting. I take my laptop outside and watch knitting podcasts while I knit. The Sea Glass Tee is all stockinette so perfect for podcast knitting. I don't know why I don't do more of that in the late spring/early summer of Ohio when it is similar wonderful weather. I also find even changing multiple needle sizes doesn't change my stitch count. Makes it a very long process to knit guage swatches.

  3. I'm glad to read you're feeling better, Marsha. I've had my ears affected before when I've had a cold. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes they plug up - I know I've plugged ears up (temporarily) from nose blowing. What I didn't realize is that it could get so bad as to burst an eardrum. You explained very well how that can happen. Hope it heals completely and soon. And I hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon, too.

  4. Oh Enrique!!! ♥♥ You are the sock queen Marsha. Reading about your ear, geez...I realized how badly it could get like that when you have a cold! I hope you're all feeling better! ☺

  5. I'm sure Enrique knew you were sick and wanted to be as close as possible ti help you heal. Dogs are very intuitive. The shawl is lovely per usual...that's my favorite pattern that you make. I would make one but I don't wear them and no one I know does either. Those socks are so pretty. You really didn't let your illness keep you down for very long. Glad you are seeing an ENT person. I broke my eardrum when I was young and I still can't hear very well out of it. I hope your husband feels better soon.

  6. Liz here, I’m wondering if I missed a week as I didn’t remember reading you weren’t well. I hope you are recovering well with Enrique’s special attention/cuddles. I do notice a difference with needle sizes, if I use 2mm needle I cast on 64 stitches and with 2.25mm I cast on 56 stitches and from a fit perspective I don’t really notice a difference. Take care

  7. Isn't it amazing at what we get done even though we are ill??? I never lay around dying unless I'm dying.. Hope you continue to improve!!!


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