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Sunday, January 22, 2023



This may be a bit longer than normal.  I have so much to tell you that happened from this past week.

Let's start with my fiber fun.

I finished the Giant Granny Square blanket!  I am so happy to have this languishing project completed and marked done on my YOP list.  This is laying on top of a full sized bed.  It does have about 6 inches of hang over on each side too.

Here is the finished half double crochet border.  I did 7 rows and declared it done.  Will I make another one?  Not anytime soon.  We have such a short 'cool' season here, it takes a loooong time to make a really big one.

I also finished these:

Hubby's RCR socks using Diversity yarn.  I am so glad I bought a lot of this yarn when I found out it was being discontinued.  It has such great memory to it.  Can be washed and dried in the machines.  And wears like steel.

That is all of the fiber stuff.  I do another craft last Sunday afternoon.

My daughter and I went to "As You Wish" pottery painting studio.  We each got a bowl to paint and turn in.  It will be fired and then sold the end of February.  Proceeds from the sale will feed the homeless in the town next to mine.  My daughter and I are going to go to the sale so we can see how our bowls turned out.  Yes, mine is painted to look like a watermelon.  It was so fun.  This is only my third time to paint pottery and I already want to go and do more.

The rest of the week was going so smoothly until Thursday.  I got a call from my DIL who just moved here.  She was leaving to make an emergency trip to Texas to get her mother and bring her back here.  Her mom has several medical issues and was not being cared for well.

I volunteered to go with her and she accepted.  We left at 10am Thursday morning and got our 'home base' in Texas around 3am Friday morning.  After 3 hours of sleep we hit the floor running to get everything completed so we could leave Saturday to come home.  We finished and got back to bed about 11pm Friday night and woke up and were on the road by 3:30am Saturday morning arriving home by 6pm Saturday evening.  There was over 2000 miles traveled in those 3 days.  I do not recommend trying this anytime soon.  It was super hard to do and very emotional too.  But her mom is now here and will get some excellent care.  Here are some photos of the trip.

Rock formations along the road as we were leaving Arizona and heading into New Mexico.  Look at that gorgeous blue sky!

Snow on the mountain tops in New Mexico.  So pretty to see from the roadway.  I did not get any photos from Texas.  Doing 34 hours in a car in 72 hours?  Crazy!  I will say, if you need to bond with someone, go on an emergency road trip with them in the confines of a car.  

I am having to play catch up today.  There are several loads of laundry to do, another pair of socks to cast on, a prayer shawl to start, and grocery list and menus to figure out for the week.

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful MIL you are to make this trip. Family is so important and am glad everything is working out for the best.

  2. So glad you made the trip safely. Hope all works out with everyone in Arizona. Sounds like you have a wonderful family. LOVE the watermelon bowl. Your blanket came out beautiful but agree it just takes too much time.

  3. She was so fortunate that you were willing to go with her. No one should drive that far alone. You are a wonderful MIL and person! The blanket looks wonderful and so so the socks! I hope you rest up this week and I can't wait to see your new starts! Good job on the finishes!

  4. That sounds like an exhausting trip! I'm glad it was successful- the laundry and chores can wait.
    I love the bowl! Maybe buy it back- for charity!!

    Congrats on finishing your giant granny!! Certainly a labor of love. I hope it keeps you extra cozy during your chilly months.

  5. 2000 miles in 3 days?? oh my I hope you are all resting and recovering now and I am sure your dil's mom is in a much better situation now.

  6. What a week! And I echo the sentiments that you are a wonderful MIL. And Mom too. Your bowl looks so cute. Are these auctioned? If so, I imagine yours will be a popular one. Oh! After reading about your week I almost forgot about your granny square blanket. It looks terrific. Well done on that huge project!

  7. what a wonderful road trip and how nice that you were able to ride along!!!

  8. Liz here, I somehow missed your post last week, silly me. That roadtrip sounds exhausting but thank goodness for your DIL that you offered to go with her, I’m sure she’d have struggled to stay awake on such a journey alone. You are all such a loving and helpful family to each other, an inspiration.


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