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Sunday, September 25, 2022



Here I am once again, ready to regale you with wonderous tales of my past week of craftiness and life.

There are no FO's this week.  I mainly worked on the RCR socks for hubby.

The heels are done and now it is just knitting the foot.  Perfect mindless knitting.

I did cast on a new project last night.

Another 'To The Point' shawl for our prayer shawl ministry at church.  

My thoughts had been to cast on Ranunculus this past week.  I did swatch.............many times.  Never did I make gauge.  I tried 4 different needle sizes and nothing worked.  So, I am sitting back and trying to decide how I want to proceed.  I know which needle size made the fabric I loved so will need to adjust as to what pattern size I will make to account for the gauge difference.  That means I need to do math.  Actually, it means I need to do Algebra which was my worst subject in school.  This may delay the casting on of the sweater for a bit.  Or, I may just cast on willy nilly and hope for the best.  Depends on how adventurous I become.

This week I got the clues to make the nose and arms for the gnome.  The nose got made and frogged.  Then I made it again and frogged it again.  It was made the third time and I am still staring at it not liking how it looks.  I may decide to go and buy a small pom pom to attach for the nose.  Somehow, what I knit just does not make me happy.  Or, I may try and crochet a nose for him.  I have not decided if my gnome will have arms or not.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Some of the people in the group have opted not to do the arms.  Yet the ones who have done them are so cute and have posed them to make them adorable.  Hopefully, I will have the gnome completed by next weekend and will post a photo on here.

There were treasures in the mail this week!  I love getting treasures.

Knit Picks had a sale on their Brava yarn.  I couldn't resist.  These are the colors I choose and got three skeins of each color.  All of this will go into my shawls for the ministry at church.  The colors are all so bright and cheery.  Just what people need who are going through a health crisis's.

I finally bit the bullet and purchases the US size 1 (2.25mm) signature needles.  I normally use a US size 1.5 (2.5mm) for socks yet have been wanting to give the next size down a shot.  Some of my fingering yarn seems to be a little bit thicker than others so using a smaller needle will hopefully help keep the sock the size hubby and I like best.

Thursday, hubby took off for California to attend a Catholic conference.  After I dropped him off at the airport, I met up with my BFF for a lovely brunch.  Afterwards, I headed to our outlet mall to do a bit of looking around.  I found exactly what I was looking for.

A Vera Bradley bag big enough to hold my everyday items as well as knitting/crocheting projects.  It is not HUGE but just the right size for me to carry daily.  And the pockets it has *swoon*  There are 6 interior pockets and one exterior pocket.  It is light as a feather when empty and washable if it gets dirty.  The best part.....being from the outlet it was 80% off of the ' normal' price in retail stores.  Yes, it is a discontinued pattern, which makes it even more special for me.  Not everyone will have this one!

One last little update for y'all.

Some of you have asked me to keep you updated on the Thanksgiving Cactus I am 'hopefully' bringing back to life for my BFF.  The top photo was when I brought it home.  The bottom one is from this morning.  It is starting to respond.  I have not watered it since I got it.  The soil was saturated and I was quite afraid of root rot.  Yes, there is still brown dead parts in it.  Those will be trimmed out this week and then hopefully it will look even better by next weekend.  It will get a bit of water this week also. I am quite happy with it's progress.

That covers my week.  How did yours go?

Until Next Time.................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love all the beautiful colors you got in your new yarn. Lots of fun for knitting more shawls. Your cactus does look like it's recovering well. What a find for your Vera tote. I love their small handbags. Just the right size to hold my Kindle. Love the magnetic snap of the outside pocket. I need to check if our outlet mall has a Vera store.

  2. Well the cactus looks perkier than when it was looking like a drowned rat. This gnome sounds a naughty one so far, he will need a good name once he's finished. I mostly have used size 0 / 2mm for socks but size 1 also gives a sock that lasts very well. Hope you find it a good fit.

  3. I have not knit that sweater pattern, yet. I have a vera tote that I use for my knitting and it's the perfect size with lots of side pockets for knitting stuff. Love your bag!!

  4. I have that type of cactus and have to regularly revive it (I’m terrible with house plants). You’re doing really well!


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