Sunday, September 11, 2022



Hello again.  Thank you for dropping by today.  There has been some hot and heavy knitting going on this week. 

I have an FO!

My 'Shine Like Summer' colorway RCR socks are completed.  They were even worn last night to a family get together.  These socks seemed to fly through being knitting.  I think it was the color of them.  They made me happy the whole time I was working on them.  Big plus, there is enough leftover yarn to make a pair for my daughter too.  She will love them!

Not sure what I will be casting on next.  I am leaning towards doing a sweater for myself.  I have more cotton blended yarn waiting to be knit up.  The issue is the pattern.  I know what I want the sweater to look like, but have not found a pattern to make it happen.  And NO!  There is no way I am going to try and design my own.  Heck, I am lucky to be able to follow directions on patterns.

As you know, I am taking part in the MGKAL (mystery gnome knit along)  The second clue came out on Friday.  Today will be my day to cast on for it.  This week we do the body and stuffing of the little creature.  Since no one has said they are participating in this KAL, I am going to show you the hat I have completed.

It was a very quick knit.  The main thing was making sure I counted rows and stitches.  We have two more weeks of clues.  I will not show any more of this little thing until it is completed and put together.

So, that is the fiber related news for this week.  There were treasured delivered to my house this week.

I want to thank Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise blog, for letting me know the new Hobonichi Techno Weeks planners were available for order.  I love this planner and have used it for the past year.  I ordered my 2023 planner and a couple of accessories.  These planners sell out within days of being offered.  When I went in to order mine, over half of the planners were already sold out.

This year, I decided to go with a plain planner.  I liked the white with the linen stripe on it.  It will be easy to see.  Have no fear, I do have a plastic cover for it so it will stay white all year long.  I also got a page marker as well as a three pack of little notebooks.  The notebooks have 'graph' like grids on the pages which will be nice so my writing does not go off on a slant.  I am now all set for the new year.  

This coming week, it will be quiet around our house.  Our son took off for a work trip in Colorado today.  He will be gone until Friday.  We have gotten use to him being around.  The dogs even love having him here since he pays a lot of attention to them.  

Football begins today.  That is US football (NFL).  My hubby and sons are all huge fans of the game.  I don't mind it but it is not something I 'have' to watch.  Hence, I have recorded several Hallmark movies and this will be the season I will be watching them in another room.  Those movies also make for great knitting/crocheting time.

That sums up my week.  How was yours?

Until Next Time................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!




  1. Love your socks..such fun yarn. I too feel fairly comfortable making modifications to a pattern but I definitely need a pattern as a starting outline. Good luck finding an acceptable pattern.

  2. Your socks are so cute! Your daughter will love them too. I didn't write about 9/11 on my post but I did in my journal. It seems like yesterday. I h ope you find a nice sweater pattern. I like your planner as you can lay it flat....enjoy!

  3. I ordered the yellow hobonichi weeks - Isn't it crazy that they go like hotcakes?? I ordered mine from Jet Pens (and also bought some new stickers and new fountain pen ink, etc...)

  4. I love how that colorway knitted up in your socks, Marsha. Very pretty. And I look forward to following your progress on the gnome knit-a-long. What a fun project to KAL to.

  5. Can’t wait to see your Gnome. I’ve done a few of the KALs, but never seemed to keep up with them, so I stopped and just see what others do now. They are so cute! Jen@CarolinaTales

  6. I bet the house was quiet! I love the start of the gnome and look forward to seeing it completed. The socks are gorgeous and I hope you have had success in your quest for the perfect sweater.


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