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Sunday, June 26, 2022



So, this is the final post for YOP year 11, for those of us who start on July 1.  Before I show you my 'accomplishments' from the past year, let me show you what I completed this week.

First up...........................

The Rose City Roller socks are completed and in my sock drawer.  Thank goodness.  They had been on my needles for 3 months and I was super tired of looking at them.

Once those were done, I decided to do a quick project.......................

I did another "To the Point" prayer shawl.  This is such a quick crochet project.  I started this Thursday evening and completed it Saturday afternoon.


This past year, I tried to keep my 'list' pretty vague.  I wanted to feel free to work on what gave me joy.  It worked for me.  I tried not to put any pressure on myself to complete items.  Well, other than a sweater I wanted to wear for a trip we took.  Here is a look at my list of accomplishments.

Boxy Sweater -11/7/15  FROGGED 7-19-21
Summer Lace Stole - 6/13/21 FROGGED 7-28-21
Sock Scraps Granny Stripe (fingering weight) - 7/8/20
Madonna & Child - 8/7/20

Rose City Rollers - 9/16/21 - 10/18/21
Rose City Roller Bed Socks 11/18/21 - 11/21/21
Rose City Roller Socks 11/11/21 - 1/18/22
Rose City Roller Socks 1/23/22 -1/31/22
Rose City Roller Socks 1/31/22 - 2/16/22
TAAT Car Socks - 5/6/21 - 9/5/21
Half Socks 7 made 3/22 - 6/22
Rose City Roller TAAT 3/3/22 6/21/22
Try at least one new to me pattern this year (didn't happen)

Roe Cardigan - 8/24/21  FROGGED 12/19/21
Wee Sherlock 7/18/21 - 7/25/21 (gift)
Little Boy Blue Hat 7/25/21 - 7/26/21 (gift)
Vixynn 11/23/21 - 1/1/22
Chemo Hat 11/8/21 - 11/14/21 (gift)
Ponytail - Poofy Hat 12/5/21 - 12/8/21 (gift)
ReWork Vixynn 3/1/22 - 6/10/22

Try to use up cotton yarn
 Cloths made so far..............5 (gift)

To the Point for the prayer shawl ministry
Completed...........................6 (gift)
Dying in the Light 7/29/21 - 8/23/21 (gift)
Mehjuaa 4/1/22 - 4/28/22

Giant Granny Square blanket to use up stash DK yarn - 9/9/21

Cross Stitch
Everything is Possible with God - 3/23/21 - 11/5/21 (gift)
Happy Camper - 2/24/22


Little Duck/Chicken 12/23/21 - 12/23/21 (gift)
Scrubbies made............3 (gift)

There were 38 completed items over 52 weeks, 21 of which were gifts.  Not too bad.  I have 4 projects that are not completed and will carry over to next year's list.  I wish I could say I used up more yarn than I brought in but, I am pretty sure it is about even at this point. My favorite project was the Vixynn sweater once I reworked it.

It is so comfortable.  Now,  if the weather would just cool off a bit so I could wear it.  I will probably make another one in the future.

In other news.

I had fun yesterday working in the kitchen.  First up:

I made hamburger buns for our dinner last night.  We had New England fish sandwiches.  They were so yummy.  The buns were delicious.  No need to buy buns with this easy to make recipe.  I cut the recipe in half.

Then I made this:

This is our favorite bread I make in the bread machine.  It uses beer in it and is so tasty with just a hint of sweetness.  My house smelled so good with all this bread being made.  I want to make a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread next.  It is my all time favorite breakfast bread.  YUM!  Toast it and slather butter on it.  Oh my!

I want to leave you with a smile on your face.  Thor has a little brother.  Say hello to:

Loki!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, come on.  What else would they have named their new kitty.  The two critters seem to be getting along ok.  Thor wants to lick Loki constantly.  Loki lets Thor know when he has had enough by swiping his nose with his sharp kitty claws.  Loki is about 4-5 weeks old and was found in a park all alone.  He was taken to the emergency vet (it was late at night) and given a clean bill of health.  He is still being bottle fed and being introduced to pate mixed with his formula.  Josie is over the moon in love with him.  She has wanted another kitty since her Howie passed away a couple of years ago.

Another YOP comes to an end.  I have so enjoyed being part of this group for the past 11 years.  I look forward to year 12.  If you are interested in joining us, use this link.  It is not just for knitters or crocheters.  We also have spinners, weavers, cross stitchers, card makers, painters, gardeners etc.  We are all friendly and really enjoy meeting others from all around the world.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What an adorable final pet photo!!! Wish my cat got along with other pets. She is a "found" cat and sadly doesn't get along with any others. Fortunately we finished the area above the garage so that's where she stays a lot. You did have a great year of crafting!

  2. Okay, your socks are darling and such pretty yarn how could you get tired of them? LOL! I adore the Vixynn sweater the way you made it...like a tunic top...so cute!
    I haven't had breakfast yet so I was drooling over your homemade breads!
    Loki is precious and Thor is so good with him! Too cute! Looking forward to another year with you my friend!

  3. Marsha, those socks look so soft and smooth, I was thinking like Sam above - how could you have gotten tired of working on those? lol Add to how soft they look, the colors are beautiful! And you made that shawl in three days?!? You've got to know how unimaginable that is to me right now. All I can think is,"Oh my aching hands!" I'm glad you're enjoying your Vixynn. That was a labor of love, and it looks cute and comfy.

    Your bread reminds me... when I saw this week how expensive bread has become I told myself it's time to put my inherited kitchen aid stand mixer and the dough hook I bought for it to work. I have a 25 year-old bread machine, and maybe that's best to use in the summer, but I prefer normal looking loaves to the circular column my bread machine makes loaves into.

    Loki and Thor look like quite the pair. How sweet. :)

  4. Haha Thor and Loki. Adorable!

  5. your last photo!!! I love Loki!! We found our Holly on the side of the road and she brings us great blessings :) You are one prolific crafter!!!

  6. Wowza, just counting up all those socks and half socks made! You mentioned trying a new pattern wasn’t done, but I think the half socks were new to you this year. Your generosity in donating and gift giving is inspirational. I’ve loved reading your posts about what you’ve been making and my tummy rumbles every time I read about your homemade bread. Cinnamon raisin bread..oh my that sounds good. I hope Thor and Loki continue to get on well. I wonder what happened to the rest of the litter maybe Loki was just one too many for the mum to handle. I look forward to seeing your new list on Sunday and I’m excited to see progress with your happy camper cross stitch in the year ahead.

  7. I'm in love with little Loki and his big brother Thor!

    Congrats on a successful year, and your drawer full of socks! I'm a huge fan of shortie socks, commercial and hand knit!

    I also love your favorite sweater finish too! It looks so comfortable and wearable, I'm sure once the weather cooperates you'll get a ton of wear.

  8. What a lovely round up post! I love Vixynn - it looks like it goes with everything. Your pictures and tales of Loki and Thor are wonderful. Here's to the next year!

  9. Those socks are awesome! Love how the colors came out on them. I’ve said it before, (but I’ve actually just put the patter in my queue) but I need to make a pair of them. I’ve never done a pair of shorties! That bread looks delicious! Jen@CarolinaTales


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