Sunday, June 19, 2022

Holy Cow! WEEK 51 of YOP 11


Good Grief!  This is the next to last week of YOP 11 for those of us who follow the July schedule.  I was so hoping to have an FO this week but that did not happen.  I did get pretty darn close though.

The RCR socks got some loving this past week.  The single DPN is where I was on each of them last Sunday.  They are now on the same row.  Will they be completed by next weeks round-up?  Maybe.  Not going to hold my breath though.

The first few days of the week I was not able to hold knitting needles so decided to give my crochet hooks a whirl.  

I was able to add 3 more rows to the Giant Granny Square blanket.  I am so happy I am able to switch between these two crafts when my hands and wrists are having some issues.

I received some treasures in the mail this week and also a couple of weeks ago.  I am horrible about remembering to post about my treasures.

Signature Needles had a sale on some of their Malabrigo yarn.  I could not resist and hubby was more than happy to help pick out the colors for his socks.

This Teal Feather color was the first one to catch hubby's eye.  I think I can combine the two of these to make some fun socks with contrasting toes and heels.  What do you think?

Leading Men Fibers is an online shop I found a couple of years ago.  They have some of the most fun colorways.  They offered this 'short sock' kit a few weeks ago.  Since this is mainly what I make for the hubby, I just had to order it.  Now you know why I am trying to get 'my' socks off the needles.  There is some yummy yarn calling out to me.

This past week was full of activities.  Which is another reason I did not get those socks completed.  Take a look!

Monday - There was bread made, a load of laundry done, mailed a large box of things left behind by our Texas family, and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen counter tops (hubby cleaned everything else.)

Tuesday - I had a Dr appointment via telemed (I love not having to go to the office for follow ups), got all my indoor plants watered and trimmed, went for a swim, made a carrot cake bread and some very yummy guacamole.

Wednesday - Both dogs had a Vet Tech appointment, another load of laundry and dinner out with our daughter to celebrate hubby's 73rd birthday.

Enrique watching the doors where they took Luna through for her turn with the Vet Tech.  He worries about her.  Yes, the floor in the vet office is made to look like water and shoreline.  The name of the vet office is Noe's Ark.  Get it?

Thursday - This is the day I did most of my knitting and crocheting.  We had Adoration at church that night.

Friday - I finally felt like me again so decided to make menus and a grocery list.  Then I headed out to get the groceries and went to Costco, Sam's Club, Food City, Kroger, and Albertsons.  That was a 4 hour excursion.  Made an awesome dinner using my stuffed waffle maker.

Monte Cristo stuffed waffle.  The top and bottom are made from my homemade bread.  It was so yummy.  Yes it is very much like a panini.

Saturday - Cleaned out the fridge, did a load of laundry, vacuum sealed grocery items to freeze, and went to Mass.

Today we are kicking back and watching the US Open. (It's a Father's Day tradition at our house)  I have green chili in the crockpot.  I will be making flour tortillas to go with it.  I am also taking care of my BFF's dogs while they take a weekend away for her birthday.  But the best news is.....................WE GOT RAIN LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey, if you lived in the desert you would get excited too!

Until Next Time..................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your socks are coming along nicely and are such happy colours! I love your new yarns and the granny square is fabulous.

  2. Your killing me. Your waffle sandwich looks amazing. Love your new yarn. Yes, definitely they go together for contrast toes and heels. I will have to check out Leading Men for shortie sock sets. I almost always make shorties. What a terrific week you had. Glad you got rain!! We had a super rainy May but we are actually behind on rain in June. Hopefully we will get some more soon as we are also having unusually high heat for June.

  3. I am glad you can switch to crochet when your hands hurt. I hope the US Open results are what you want. Happy Father's Day to your hubby.

  4. Love your socks and all your new yarn! Your Giant Granny is so planned some lovely colors. Happy Birthday to your hubby! The floor at the vets is really cool! I didn't know there was such a thing as a stuffed waffle maker. It looks so yummy! Does your hubby have to watch his diet with the diverticulitis? So far so good with me but I would like to expand my diet a bit but I'm afraid to! LOL!
    You are such a hard worker and you 2 make such a good team. Have a great Father's Day!

  5. Lovely projects, and nice yarn choices!

  6. I did not knit a single stitch over the weekend because of company and being 'busy'! I'm glad someone did something crafty :)

  7. Hi Marsha....I saw your question about my border and I actually bought a book Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. Unfortunately most of them require a multiple of the number of stitches you've crocheted and I have no idea! LOL! There are a few borders that require no multiple and it was one of those I used. Maybe you could get the book at the library. I am using border #135. It is not all sc...just the first round. I hope this helps. You could probably find some on Ravelry or Pinterest? Good luck!

  8. You've had such a busy week!
    And your new yarns are AWESOME. The atomic colorway is RIGHT up my alley (and is one I haven't seen before).

  9. Your blanket is getting so big already. I love your new yarns, my chimney fire cardigan was made using malabrigo Rios in teal feather, it’s a gorgeous colour. Stuffed waffles…oh my goodness, it’s a good job my husband doesn’t know those exist or he would be buying one of those. When we go to a hotel that serves waffles at breakfast he always has them. My mind is so full of waffle thoughts I can’t remember what else I was going to comment on lol

  10. Your socks are pretty, Marsha. And your granny square afghan looks so fun. And oh my - that sandwich looks amazing. :) I'm trying to decide if I'm going to write a wrap up YOP post. Is that this coming Sunday, already?!? I guess I need to make up my mind already, don't I? lol

  11. Sounds like a busy week! That granny square is looking great! I love all the new yarns. Blues are my favorites!


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