Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Monsoons 2022 Have Begun


This is what it looked like in my area last might about 8pm.  We got our first major dust storm of the 2022 monsoon season.  While I do not embrace the summers here, because of the excessive heat, I do enjoy an active monsoon (providing no one is injured during it).  Last year we got a lot of rain during the monsoon season.  The prediction is, we will get a lot of moisture again during this years monsoon.  Fingers crossed as we just went into phase 1 of water conservation because of our drought.

I have been busy this week with setting up my blog in preparations for the end of this years YOP.  There has been designing of graphics for the coming year and designing of a new page listing my wish lists for next years projects.  I was hoping to switch over to Wordpress this year but, I just do not understand it well enough to flip.  So, I will muddle along with Blogger for another year.  I have been using this platform for 15 years and while it doesn't always do what I want, it has served me well for what I normally need it for.  

There has also been time spent looking for patterns I would like to make in the coming year.  Mostly, I am looking for adorable gnome patterns.  I was hoping to find a pattern book with different gnomes in it.  So far, I have only seen one pattern book dedicated solely to gnomes.  If any of you know of any place I can obtain (either paid for or free) multiple gnome patterns, please let me know.  Ravelry has a LOT of patterns for gnomes as does Etsy.  Yet, I am still holding out hope of being able to get multiple patterns from one place and not need to purchase/download several individual patterns.  Does this make sense? 

Other than that, it has been a fairly normal week for us.  Because of the dust storm last night, we will be dusting the house today.  No matter how tight your doors and windows are, that dust still gets in and creates a lovely layer of silt over everything. YUCK!

I am off to do my morning routines.

Until next time...........................................................


  1. So your monsoon season is rain and dust? At different times? I hope you get rain! I don't know about gnome patterns but if I see any I will let you know. I have to get going on my "recap" of usually takes a long time to put together. Not too many new projects this coming year as I have SO MANY WIPs! LOL! Enjoy the planning and good luck on finding your gnomes!

  2. Sam's question above makes me wonder if you sometimes have mud covering everything during Monsoon season. I know you've written about it before and I've found it fascinating because it's such a different type of weather condition than we experience further north. I hope you do get plenty of rain. We're pretty droughty here at the moment, but so far it doesn't seem oppressive. We live in a country neighborhood where everyone is on a well. Hubs wondered aloud just today how dry it has to get before a private well might go dry. Hopefully, the aquifer has plenty of moisture since we had such a wet spring. And rain is on its way this weekend, so we're looking forward to that.

  3. sorry your weather is wonky! I am thinking about what I want to knit from now til december, it's fun thinking about!!


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