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Sunday, May 22, 2022



Hey there!  How y'all doing today?  It's that time again to see what happened during the past week.

The Vixynn is the main item I worked on.  That being said, it did not see any love until Wednesday this past week and then again on Thursday.  

The 5 hour road trip on Thursday gave me the most time to put on these 12 rows.  I am happy to say I am now down to this much of the 'frogged' yarn.

When I started the rework, I had two of these cakes to put back in.  This means I am half way done with the reworking.  This will be my main focus until it is completed.  Everything else can just wait.

Here is one of the things that is going to wait.

I started this half sock just before we left last Sunday morning.  It won't take long to complete but the sweater is #1 right now.

I have been asked if the half socks stay on my feet.  Yes they do.  They go past the ball of the foot and with your body weight on your feet when you walk, they do not move.  At least, mine don't when I wear them in my crocs.  When I take my crocs off, the socks come off with them though.  Otherwise, I have no issue with them staying on my feet.

Also, when I make these, I make the cuff 8 stitches smaller than the main part of the sock.  This also gives them a bit more snug fit.

That is all for knitting this week.  Let's take a look at my new hydroponic garden I planted 3 weeks ago.

The 2 plants on the left are jalapeno peppers and the 2 on the right are cherry tomatoes.  There is also a cilantro behind one of the peppers but it is a little short and I am not sure it is going to make it.  It is a bit 'stringy'.  These are the only plants that sprouted out of the 8 I planted.  Since these get to be pretty large, I will stick with them until they stop producing and then decide what to plant next.  My other garden of basil and cherry tomatoes are still growing.  The tomato is just about done so will be taking those out and will remove the basil at the same time.  Lettuce will be planted in it once it is all cleaned and ready for new pods.

While we were gone, Josie took care of our dogs for us.  She left a little reminder behind.

Her happy frog hat.  Just looking at it makes me smile.  Also, while we were gone, I gave her family my car to use incase the dad needed to go anywhere while the girls were at school and work.  Good thing too.  The batteries in both of their cars died that week, just days apart.  

As for our trip.............we had a great time away.  The bingo tournament was exciting even though we didn't win.  But one of the ladies at our table won the first $10,000 game.  Yes, that is $10K!  My luck came later in the day at the slot machines.

Let's just say, I managed to pay for our trip just from playing slots!  The other excitement we had was getting stuck in an elevator for an hour.  Yup, that is not something I care to repeat anytime soon!  Luckily we were on the first floor when the elevator decided not to work anymore.  I am claustrophobic, so this was not the greatest experience for me.  The other lucky thing is the doors would open about 4 inches every couple of minutes so I could see out. That helped quite a bit.  There were only 3 of us on the elevator at the time which was a blessing too.  The hotel was so nice and even gave us a complimentary dinner at their steak house for the next time we go there.

Anything fun and exciting happening in your world?

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What fun you've been having and great knitting progress on these projects.

  2. Congratulations on your win and at least you can have a 2nd trip with a free meal now. I did wonder if your half socks slipped off whilst walking so that's answered. Amazing germination speed! I've been having a disaster with my garden..slugs and high winds

  3. Sounds like a fun trip (well...except for getting stuck in the elevator!) Thanks for sharing your projects. Cheering you on to get caught back up on the frogged one!

  4. sounds like a fun outing! for some reason when we drive anywhere I'm not in the mood to knit much! I don't know why, I do bring it just in case.

  5. Lots of adventures on your trip. Glad you had a fun time. Congrats on being halfway through the re-knit.

  6. How exciting to win at slots like that! I can't imagine being stuck in an elevator for even a few minutes - my hat is off to you for being brave. Btw, I noticed that even with the pop up comments on the BLogger App on my phone I can reply to comments even though I can't on the computer. Weird eh?

  7. thanks for answering the question about the socks. Wow! 10K for bingo? No wonder you go there. You did great on the slots! You are so good at being monogamous...I admire that. The frog hat is darling. Glad you had a nice trip.


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