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Saturday, May 14, 2022



Hey there.  This is going to be short and sweet.  I am actually writing it Saturday evening.  By the time you read this, I will be half way to Las Vegas.

Here is what I did this past week.

Made some more 1/2 socks to wear in my crocs.  Yes, I know one of them is bigger than the others.  I forgot how many rows I had done on the earlier ones and didn't bother to go and get one to check.  Oops.  Oh well, it still is hidden when I wear my crocs with it.

I did not even touch my sweater.  It is in the car with me and I will work on it while gone.  I am also taking the yarn for more 1/2 socks so I have a choice of what I want to work on.

We finally got our floors laid in the backroom and 2 bathrooms. That happened on Wednesday and Thursday.  We spent Monday and Tuesday clearing out our backroom.  It is the room where all hubby's tools are as well where we store all our pool chemicals and surplus paper products as well as other sundry things. (trust me, it is a lot of 'stuff' in a 15 x 25 foot room!) 

This is sitting in our family room.  This is only about 1/4 of what was back in that room.  We have agreed to go through every single item when we put it all back.  Things are going to be leaving our house!  This is on the schedule for when we come back from our mini vacation.

I also had dog duty on Thursday and Friday.  This time I took care of my BFF's dogs.  They are such loves.  They mind and just want to be petted and be near a human.  

Let me just make one negative comment here.  Since I have made comments go in a pop up window, I no longer can reply to your comments!  So, I may decide to put it back to embedded comments so I can reply to questions you may have.  So far, I have had to go to your blogs to answer questions and that seems a bit redundant.  I will spend my time away to make a decision as to what I am going to do.  Also, remember, I moderate all comments.  So if you do not see your comment post immediately, it is because I have not moderated it yet.  Please be patient with me.

Ok, ranting is over.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. New floors too! I'm enjoying reading about all your remodeling, and I can't help but feel you're going through much the same process of handling, moving, and evaluating all the stuff. :) It's a good stage of life to be doing it - saying that from my own present experience.

  2. Have a great time in Las Vegas. Floors look great and great idea to vet all objects going back into the room. Decluttering for the win! I am sad to hear about the pop up comments problem since I just changed to that too. Ah well, I will see what the week brings.

  3. Definitely do what works best for you on enjoying your blogging. It needs to be fun. Love how you came up with croc socks. Funny how it take a big remodeling project to make us deal with our "stashes". My son got frustrated with our kitchen tool junk drawer so he laid everything out. Yeah, we didn't need 4 pizza cutters, and 5 pie servers, etc.

  4. Remodeling is always such a ton of work, but I think helpful to clear out random stuff that gets tucked away and forgotten over time! Safe travels - I hope you have a fun trip.

  5. Have a lovely trip to Las Vegas. I don’t envy you doing the sorting when you get back, but I’m sure it will be a relief once it is done. Things are really coming along in your home decorating and improvements.

  6. Have fun in Las Vegas! I too noticed I cannot reply. I wish they would stop"improving things" it just seems to gt worse and more involved to post.
    I would like to see those 1/2 sock on with your crocs...I can't wrap my mind around it. Won't they slip off?
    I'm doing the same thing....going through everything. It's a slow process but it feels good after you've "cleared" an area. It will mean less upkeep for me and that is exactly what I am looking for! Now, if I could only find a self-cleaning house. LOL!


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