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Sunday, April 24, 2022



Hello again.  I hope this past week has treated y'all well.  Most of my spare time was spent working on the Mehujaa shawl.

I knitted 34 rows on the shawl.  That leaves 36 rows to complete by the end of this week.  Then there is the soak and block.  My goal is still to have it 100% done by April 30th.  Since I have dog sitting duty again this week, I am sure it will happen.

May 1 I want to do 31 days of stitch maynia.  I have several cross stitch projects.  Two of them have been started and there are at least 2 more in which I have the cloth all prepped.  Two are BIG projects and 2 are smallish.  At the moment I have one big and one small started.  I am not sure how much I will accomplish in 31 days, but it will be fun to find out.  The biggest challenge is a road trip we are taking the middle of May.  We will be gone for 5 days.  Not sure cross stitch will be the best item to take on the trip.  Has anyone ever taken theirs on a trip?  How did it work out for you?  I do have a pair of socks on the needles that could go on the trip with me.  Any advice?

The rest of my week was spent doing normal household chores.  The only real extra item this week was making dog food for Luna.  It is an all day project. 

While handling the steam water from the dog food, my hand slipped and the hot water landed on my hand.  I didn't think it was too burnt until a few days later when this happened.

It is blistering and peeling daily.  It is still really tender to touch too.  This happened on Monday.  Now you know why my mom did not name me Grace!

I have been harvesting cherry tomatoes daily.  Each day nets 4-8 tomatoes.  Hubby eats them almost as fast as I pick them.  We are discussing getting another hydroponic set up so we can do all tomatoes in one and all herbs/lettuce in the other one.  Not sure if we will or not.  I loved the lettuce we grew and was sad when it finally gave out.  The basil is still going strong and I am cutting it weekly and using in cooking.  I am really enjoying growing our own herbs and veggies. The fact I am not relying on mother nature makes it even better.

Until Next Time...............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ouch! I hope that heals quickly. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your hydroponic gardening, I’d love to be feasting on homegrown tomatoes right now but my garden ones are only about half an inch right now.

  2. You mentioning stitch mania makes me wonder where Sam has been the last few weeks, I hope she’s ok. Goodness your hand looks sore, I hope they don’t scar. I’m pretty clumsy and have a tube of some sort of silver burn cream that is used at least once a month…so I definitely wouldn’t be called Grace either. I hope you hand doesn’t slow down he knitting, it seems achievable to have your shawl finished if your hand is ok.

  3. That's amazing you're harvesting 4-8 cherry tomatoes a day. Ouchie on the hot water burn. I hope you heal quickly. I'll be working on an old shawl WIP started in 2020! I've had a few knitting failures now which is irritating.

  4. Ouch indeed. That looks very painful and if it was me I would constantly be bumping it into things to make matters worse. I am not a cross stitcher. I have taken my drop spindle and fibre camping but I don't do that while we are driving. Usually socks, or something small like dish cloths are my travelling companions.

  5. Ouch! Take care of that, dear. :( It's fun to see your shawl turn from pink to gray. So pretty! I would definitely take knitting or crocheting on a trip, but cross stitch requires too many components for me to want to do that. Maybe if it was a super simple design, though... ?

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your hand. I did that on my wedding day with hair removal wax. Luckily it was my right hand. I love to hear about your hydroponic adventures. I'm so tempted! Socks make a great travel project.

  7. Ouch, never heard of making dog food. Hope your finger heals quickly. I used to do lots of cross stitching in the car. It really helped pass the time. I found threading a good number of needles ahead of time in the colors you would be using in a particular section was a good idea. It's been years now since I did cross stich, as now it's knitting and crocheting. I've even taken large afghans to work on in the car if it's just hubby and me; but smaller projects take up less room. I am really thinking about getting a hydroponic garden kit. Nice to hear how well you're doing with yours.

  8. may your hand heal quickly! Looks tender! Love the color way of that shawl!!!

  9. Hope your finger heals quickly. Ouch!! Glad you have enjoyed your indoor gardening. I gave my son's girlfriend one for Christmas and she has loved it too. Also have lots of basil and dill. Yummy tomato soup!!

  10. Your shawl is so pretty. Is that all one yarn? A gradient? I really like it. I live alone so I drive and there is no doing XS when I'm driving! LOL! I don't go anywhere so I can't really answer your question.
    Can you get regular lettuce seeds to plant in your Aero garden? I imagine you have to but their fertilizer? I really like that idea. I'm going to try and grow some things on my indoor sun porch.
    Ouch...your poor hand! There's nothing worse than a burn...I h ope it heals fast.


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