Sunday, April 10, 2022



It is that time again for my weekly YOP update.  


The Mehujaa Shawl got all the love this past week.  The little progress keeper is where I was last Sunday.  I have added 108 rows and it has increased from 37 to 253 stitches in a week.  The shawl will increase to 481 stitches by the time I bind off.  My goal is to have this done by the end of April.

Here is the reason I was able to knit so much this past week.

I had Thor duty.  He is such a goof and I just adore him.  My duty with him was Monday through Thursday and then on Friday, I took care of my BFF's two doggos for the day.  It was a dog-gone good week.  It gave me lots of knitting time.

While traveling to my 'job' I had to stop and take some photos of our desert spring blooms.

Our Palo Verde trees are in full bloom.  In about a week those yellow blossoms will fall off and cover our ground to make it look like the yellow brick road.

Did you know bougainvillea's come in different colors?  This one had two colors on one bush.  Very unusual.

This is the color of most of our local bougainvillea's.  This baby is HUGE!  See the 6 trees behind it?  It gives you an idea of how large this bush is.  We will have some type of blooming happening for the next several months.  Even during the heat of our summer there will be certain plants that will bloom to add color to our landscapes.

And now for my final photo...........................................

Last night was Josie's first prom.  I just love this photo.  Her dad (our son) acted as the group's limo/uber driver and came up with this outfit to impress the kids.  They all loved it.  Josie looks all grown up in her formal.  Time has sure flown by while we have been watching this little girl become a gorgeous young lady.  Can you tell how proud her dad is of her?

Here is the whole group that went together.  The young man is Josie's beau.  The other girls are all besties with Josie.  The car belongs to Josie mom's boss who offered it to her for the evening.  Josie's mom was also responsible for the hair on Josie and the girl on the far left.  She is such a wonderful mother to Josie and all of her friends who need a little extra mom love.

Until Next Time.............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!

PS:  Next Sunday is Easter so my update may be delayed until Monday.  We have a very hectic schedule for Holy Week.  May you all have a blessed week and Easter (if you celebrate it)  I would also like to say, 'Chag Pesach Sameach', to some very special people in my life.



  1. How great to have some canine companionship. Those bushes are astoundingly beautiful. I really hope Josie and her friends had a good time, it’s amazing how quickly time passes!

  2. Your granddaughter looks beautiful!! Your shawl looks wonderful. Your flower pictures look great too.

  3. Oh my two colours on one tree - how amazing and beautiful. Your granddaughter looks lovely and your son clearly has an excellent sense of humour. I am glad you and Thor had such a good time together and my goodness your shawl is coming along quickly. Happy Easter to you. And today is Palm Sunday. One of my favourite church Sunday services.

  4. What a great week, hanging with dogs and knitting sounds a lovely relaxing week. Your granddaughter looks beautiful and she seems to have great parents. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. I love the colour of the shawl - but then I do love some pink! The flowers enroute to your job are beautiful, what a lovely walk. And your granddaughter looks beautiful on prom night. Have a great Easter.

  6. I love the lacey section on that shawl! And how beautiful are all the blooms. Such wonderful colors! And Josie sure is a lovely young lady. Her first prom sounds like it was loads of fun. I love the blue ombre of her dress.

  7. fantastic prom photos!! how exciting and she looks beautiful! Glad to see your update, happy Easter!

  8. I can't believe how she has grown fast! Great pictures and she is a lucky girl to have such great parents, grandparents and friends.
    Thor is so cute....he always makes me smile. Your shawl is lovely. I have now listed my friends on my blogs so it should be easier for me to stop by more often. Happy Easter!

  9. Looks like you had a fun week! The shawl is beautiful. You got a lot done this week. Great prom photos. Your granddaughter is beautiful. Hope she had a great time.

  10. How wonderfully they were all dressed! I especially like your granddaughter's dress, the drama with the ombre and the fabric details.


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