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Sunday, February 20, 2022


 Well, that was scary.  The keyboard on my laptop would not work when I started this YOP update.  Note to self: When your computer says it has an update, do not ignore it for several weeks!  It is all better now so here is my update for my crafting this week.


I finished hubby's RCR socks.

This yarn was wonderful to work with. (West Yorkshire Spinners)  Hubby said they feel a little looser than his other RCR socks.  It might be because there is not the amount of stretch in this yarn as there is in the yarn I normally use for his socks.  I used the same needles and stitch count as normal.  He said not to worry though, as he will wear them.  


Once the socks were off the needles, I was in a dilemma as to what to work on next.  The Granny Square Blanket did not grab me and I really didn't want to start another long term project.  So, I decided it was time to work on some prayer shawls for our church's ministry.

I finished this one in a couple of days.  Normally I can knock one out in a day but with all the remodeling going on, I could only work on this in the evenings.  I use Caron Simply Soft for the prayer shawls since it is washable and very soft on the skin.  JoAnn's had a big sale on this yarn last year and I stocked up.  In fact, I had forgotten I had done that until I went stash diving this week looking for inspiration.

I started another shawl yesterday and should have it completed today.  Well, maybe.  Hubby is wanting to do some painting to prepare for the next step in our remodeling.  

I would like to take today off and actually relax for a one day.  We have 10 days before the counter tops will be installed.  That should give us plenty of time to paint two tiny vanity areas of bathrooms.  Right?  To see how the remodeling is going, I posted about it here and here.

Anyway, once the second shawl is done, I have no plans for any other projects.  I could make another shawl.  Heaven knows I have plenty of yarn for them.  Or, I could cast on more socks, as there is no shortage of sock yarn in my stash.  Or, maybe it is time to pick up and work on a cross stitch project.  I have several waiting to be started and one very large one already on the go.  Stay tuned............I am sure something will inspire me soon.  

Until Next Time.................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lovely prayer shawls. Happy painting! Hope the renos keep going smoothly for you.

  2. Beautiful shawls! I’m enjoying everyone’s remodelling projects at the moment, good luck with it all.

  3. Your shawls are beautiful so I know the recipients will love them. What a wonderful gift for someone. Your hubby's socks look fun. Glad he still feels they fit well enough. I too tend to keep putting off updates. Never know what it's going to do to my laptop.

  4. Well that’s interesting he finds those socks loose, because my socks in the same yarn knit on 2mm needles like I’ve done many others are also a touch loose. I’ve been watching your renovations posts too. We moved around a lot as a kid and I remember we moved in a house with carpet in the bathroom and when it was pulled up it was sooo gross underneath. My husband works in cybersecurity and is always asking if I’ve done the updates on my computer. The 2nd Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft release their updates and it’s become part of my routine now so he doesn’t nag me.

  5. you seem to be flying through your projects! I am just piddling about on mine for now. I've been reading more than knitting.

  6. Do you have to leave the house when the remodeling is going on? Yay for another finished pair of socks! We will think about remodeling once we finish my teeth issues. I want to get the front done as I feel bad since all of the neighbors have nice front lawns and a few recently have been making improvements.


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