Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Remodel has Started


Today is the day we start getting the vanity portion of our 2 main bathrooms remodeled.  Before I get into that story, let me show you the happenings of yesterday.

Being Valentine's Day, hubby was sweet and brought me home some flowers.  They are a blast from the past.

I was raised in Kansas and this is their state flower.  Sunflowers are such a happy flower.  Now, if you are in Iowa, they are considered weeds because they choke out crops there.  

There were also new glasses for me yesterday.

It sure is nice to see clearly again.

Last night, our daughter and her husband joined us for dinner.  I made sloppy joes using Italian sausage.  They were so tasty!  I have enough leftover for one more meal for hubby and myself too.

Now for the remodel story.

Our handyman arrived around 9 this morning.  The first thing he did for us was to load up all the 'junk' we had accumulated over the past several years while remodeling other areas of our home.  It was so nice to see all that stuff leave our property.  Hubby even went out to our two sheds this morning and pulled lots of 'junk' out of them too.  

Once the 'junk' was put into his dump trailer, he got set to demolish our main bathroom.  The noise was unbelievable.  My poor dogs were glued to my side and hubby's side.  About 2 hours later this is what we had.

Vanity is out as well as the sinks.  Hubby is now in there getting the 50 year old linoleum off the floor.  Tomorrow, the new cabinets will be put in.  Once this bath gets it's cabinets, our guy will demolish our master bath.  I will need to ask him tomorrow how long he thinks it will take for everything to be installed so I can arrange for the countertop people to come out and measure.  The joys of home ownership, right?

Tonight, we are having shrimp egg rolls.  I have already cooked all the 'innards' so all I need to do tonight is fill the wrappers and then air fry them.  So easy to do.  

Tonight, after dinner, I will be working on hubby's socks.  They are getting close to completion.  I will be happy when they are done and hubby will even be happier LOL.  Not sure what I will be working on next.  I am leaning towards going back to my cross stitch.  Only problem is, that is hard to work on while watching TV.  Stay tuned.

Until next time..........................................


  1. I like your glasses, Marsha. Glad you can see clearly. Sloppy joes made with Italian sausage? I'm intrigued. I would never have thought of that. So you're remodeling two bathrooms? You are brave. Can't wait to see them come together.

  2. Sunflowers are my favorite! Sunflowers and daffodils. I must love yellow.

  3. I go new glasses as well. yours look so nice!!! have fun with the remodeling, I know it will be so lovely once you are on the other end of the redo.

  4. Lovely glasses. Good luck with it all, and with all the dust!

  5. That looks like hard work, getting old linoleum off the floor. How exciting it's all starting. Nice pair of glasses. I want some shrimp rolls!


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